Constipated Girl Pooping Like A Rabbit

This girl is constipated, and she pushes and grunts greatly... The turd is hard but she excretes little balls like a rabbit!

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Anon2 +4 points62 days ago

With all the wiered food & recipe this is got to happen but she had good lot of anal erotic feelings at her poophole opening. Reply Report

constipatedzombie +1 points62 days ago

My questions are: How it feels to be constipated and poop like that? What should I do to get constipated, I mean what is the receipt of what I should eat and how long do I wait? I've never been constipated in my life and I want to get constipated on purpose just for fun... Some girls get constipated so easily... Reply Report
Sylvana Joy

Sylvana Joy +2 points62 days ago

constipatedzombie Eat plenty of roasted & grilled meat, cooked plantain &yam. Result next day. Anus is the end point of many sensual nerves.As the turd slowly slips out through the asshole there is an erotic feeling and a very mild orgasm. This is felt mostly when horny, but it varies.Girls normally don't admit & are inhibited to express. Reply Report

constipatedzombie 0 points60 days ago

Joy Alright then, I'll try that...both roasted meat and plantains are my favourite foods..I didn't know that about that makes an erotic feeling... Thanks a lot... Reply Report
Sylvana Joy

Sylvana Joy +2 points56 days ago

constipatedzombie Try also rimming the asshole lightly with a lubricated finger but don't push it in or ask a friend to help with the tongue. Reply Report


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