Asian Teen Prostitute Abused Sex Tourist

This German sex tourist is every thai prostitute's nightmare.

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Non-Member +88 points1689 days ago

i bet her name was poo Reply Report

nata87 -4 points740 days ago

Her ass phat as fuck Reply Report

iruingirls +17 points1311 days ago

this was actually the most softcore one ive seen him do, the fucked up german cunt, hes done one where he gets a dog to vomit on a girls face and then she eats it, ones where he forces a girls head into a cows asshole while it shits all over her and then makes eat it etc.etc. he obviously dont believe in karma Reply Report

Biljardbal +1 points839 days ago

Where do you find those? Reply Report

gendalf +2 points1118 days ago

probably not forced, but rather 'if I gave you n$ would you eat my shit' type of thing but idk Reply Report

Charon 0 points47 days ago

gendalf OK. I pay you to eat my shit. Agree ? Reply Report

asstasticean +46 points1688 days ago

I may be crazy, but I would have just fucked her Reply Report

torishavelle +3 points363 days ago

i want to find a guy who is into the same fucked up shit as me lol Reply Report

CD40 0 points288 days ago

torishavelle I’m in Austin Texas. You should come visit. Reply Report
Chin Min

Chin Min +22 points1688 days ago

taking advantage of the poor. Reply Report
Fuck her

Fuck her +15 points1688 days ago

She still agreed to do it for the money. Reply Report
Warren Jones

Warren Jones +6 points1681 days ago

Guess that makes it right in your books hey. Reply Report

Awesomesauce +14 points1688 days ago

White people. Reply Report
Enter Name

Enter Name -3 points298 days ago

we are the kings of crazy shit lol Reply Report
Enter Name

Enter Name -3 points298 days ago

we are the kings of crazy shit lol Reply Report
Poor girl

Poor girl +11 points1619 days ago

Probably live in slums of Thailand, she has no choice but to do this disgusting shit, you got to do fat to do to survive. Reply Report
shit swallower

shit swallower +10 points1656 days ago

I wouldn't even need to be paid to do this. I'd go as far as to swallow his shit and lick his ass clean daily Reply Report
sex maniac

sex maniac +8 points1633 days ago

i fking vomited Reply Report

????? +8 points1689 days ago

this is sick beyond words..
Reply Report

frankw265 +8 points1688 days ago

Dude, change your diet! Reply Report

AC +8 points1688 days ago

Like is surprising that Germans are fucked up :) Reply Report

womenusingtobacco +8 points1231 days ago

Not usually into scat. But the degradation in this one is just awesome. Love the looks on her face! Reply Report

H E R K +6 points1669 days ago

At least he got his $$ worth. Reply Report
Thai slaves are hot

Thai slaves are hot +6 points916 days ago

Good whore.... Only thing that would make this better is for him to shove it down her throat until she pukes all over herself. Reply Report

Adolf69 +5 points563 days ago

Hopefully soon we'll see a video entitled "fat German stabbed to death by Thai girl" Reply Report

htx +3 points1688 days ago

Wtf? Reply Report

Intrigued +2 points1689 days ago

there are three people in that bathroom. Reply Report

nopecantdealwithit +2 points1688 days ago

and i thought i had seen it all.. Reply Report

anonymus +1 points1677 days ago

Sick fucking ppl how the fuck I get here Reply Report

noname98878 +1 points722 days ago

hahah awesome Reply Report

Charon 0 points47 days ago're idiot Reply Report

mishmash58 +1 points1057 days ago

I'd get her to fall in love with me first, then I'd feed her my shit. Anything for love, right? Reply Report

Charon 0 points47 days ago

mishmash58 fall in love with you..? who the fuck could love a degenerate ? Reply Report

vajesus +1 points910 days ago

Ungrateful little cunt. I would have done that for free. Reply Report

Giuseppe +1 points298 days ago

Ah I love that site, I always check his stuff out when I want to shock myself lol Reply Report
some guy

some guy +1 points288 days ago

no self esteem. i feel sorry for this bitch. Reply Report

Diavolus +1 points248 days ago

I LOVE him Reply Report

Charon +1 points47 days ago

Then eat his shit Reply Report
Ben Hur

Ben Hur +1 points246 days ago

That`s even lower then a whore, she`s vermin.
May just as well fuck a sewer rat, same thing and just are likely to catch a disease.

Reply Report

Charon -1 points47 days ago

Hur She's a vermin ? But that obese degenerate what is it ? Reply Report

Excelero 0 points1134 days ago

Thats fucking disgusting af though. Wtf is wrong with this sick fuck??? Reply Report

Sam 0 points1688 days ago

Sick Fat Slob... Gets his rocks off because he has to pay for it... Reply Report

Hdjzbsuzhnszn 0 points558 days ago

Lol Reply Report

freakygirl69 0 points419 days ago

yikes wtf I watch! Reply Report

Shitfeeder 0 points348 days ago

Thai bitches love this shit! Reply Report

shewaspregat11 0 points147 days ago

she's doing it for money, my daughter does it for money, can't see the problem, she's probably legal, more than most girls are Reply Report

Nicecocowood7 0 points51 days ago

This is hilarious. Dr Frankyy said the chili feeding is not acceptable. He meant well though. Soft it is! Reply Report
Dr Wan Hung Low

Dr Wan Hung Low 0 points6 days ago

Think thats that new fangled art hippies are doing these days over there in China?? Reply Report

Yolo77 0 points4 days ago

Eww that is nasty Reply Report

Vghhh -1 points142 days ago

Not bad. Reply Report
Donald Trump

Donald Trump -1 points312 days ago

This guy is a pig, leave it to a limp dick German pick to use shit instead of his dick. He probably can't even get a hard on. Fucking Pig Germans can't even treat a whore with some form of respect.
Reply Report
Donald\'s Klan Brother

Donald\'s Klan Brother -1 points298 days ago

Trump we told you who to target before your campaign took off, Germans aren't among them Reply Report

PooFan -2 points1688 days ago

I think she's just faking been upset for the film, she smiles a few times and even at the end looks like she's about to laugh, at least thats how it looks to me. Reply Report
Ukrainian plasma

Ukrainian plasma -2 points327 days ago

OK. Well I was just trying to see a Thia girl get her ass pounded by a black dude and I came across this “shit” littlery. Yuck thank god it was just pudding. Reply Report

gordo -3 points1689 days ago

thai folk wil do anything for money and this is proof Reply Report

humus -4 points1689 days ago

prase odporný !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

frankw265 -6 points1688 days ago

Rubbish. Reply Report

fake -7 points1688 days ago

fake Reply Report

WTF ? -9 points1689 days ago

when i find this ass hole i will make sure he gets a daily public flogging followed by a relaxing dip in a hot tub filled with boiling acid - to help sooth those sore muscles... Reply Report
Poo luver

Poo luver -14 points1689 days ago

Fake....I know real poo because my girlfriend shits on me every day! That was Nutella, he shoved up his ass fake. Reply Report

mazzie -17 points1689 days ago

Hitler is still here Reply Report

Display +17 points1688 days ago

Shitler* Reply Report


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