Tied And Covered In Bugs

Man tortures a bound girl with crickets and worms on and in her naked body.

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somegal +25 points1681 days ago

ASIA as we luv it!! ;) Reply Report
i love jap scay

i love jap scay +11 points1681 days ago

Finally some more insect porn with a beautiful japanese girl Reply Report
fuck this

fuck this +10 points1680 days ago

that is fucked up, putting bugs inside her vagina? like WTF that can lead to some serious diseases and oh idk THE BUGS DIGGING INTO HER FLESH AND LAYING EGGS?! FUCK THIS! Reply Report
I agree

I agree +1 points261 days ago

Yeah I was thinking the same thing this is so fucked up Reply Report

michel +6 points1334 days ago

or make new baby bugs lol Reply Report
Rick Kink

Rick Kink +8 points1664 days ago

I don't know why I find this such a turn on! But they should've started pouring the bugs over her face sooner, to reduce the screaming! Reply Report

nono +6 points1680 days ago

what the fuck Reply Report

rachel +6 points1375 days ago

My bf did this with me. He loves it, make him well hard. They are meal worms and they do bite believe me . Reply Report

BugBoy +3 points880 days ago

Lucky you, and lucky him. Make them hungry and they will bite hard. I like when they bite my inner thighs. Reply Report

sad.. +5 points1681 days ago

Dude.. Not cool.. :/ Reply Report

buggies +5 points1681 days ago

poor buggies :( Reply Report
Poor Guy

Poor Guy -1 points1681 days ago

I agree lol I was going to comment the same thing XD Reply Report
Hardcore Fetisher

Hardcore Fetisher +5 points793 days ago

Why didn't they remove the speculum and dildo her pussy full of maggots into a creamy mush and then feed it to her? That would have been so so hot.... >:) Reply Report

asdf +4 points1680 days ago

what the.
she keeps screaming "help!" and "it hurts!" and that guy is like "where? where does it hurt?" - like...where the bugs are, maybe? >_>"

not good with headphones
Reply Report

hi +4 points1237 days ago

where can i find more videos of that? and the full video? Reply Report

sueleather +3 points1680 days ago

This is so so sexy!!!! Reply Report

boris 0 points1374 days ago

Госпожа! Сделайте меня своим рабом и отдайте мой член и шары для еды насекомым! Reply Report

luczoolove +2 points1454 days ago

great very horny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report
Big man

Big man +2 points1681 days ago

I swear I meet the guy who did that to her its not cool Reply Report

michel +2 points1645 days ago

cool Reply Report

StiffJohnson +2 points418 days ago

Im all for weird sex, but if the woman really is screaming help that many times - I don't believe its a contract. I think its against her will. How do we report this? Reply Report

Lagemos +1 points1280 days ago

She signed a contract that said they can do anything that they wanted to do. Reply Report
She was asking for it

She was asking for it +1 points726 days ago

I mean.. Look at what she was wearing. Reply Report

BugBoy +1 points880 days ago

Whoa! I wanna be her! Reply Report
your mother

your mother +1 points332 days ago

you fimlmaker i hope that you died Reply Report
Not pleased

Not pleased 0 points76 days ago

Her screams are heartbreaking Reply Report

Ellad 0 points70 days ago

Why not a mouth clamp? Reply Report
Fucked up

Fucked up -1 points1662 days ago

Don't even know why I clicked on it, that fucking wrong. Reply Report

pervers -1 points1000 days ago

Einfach GEIL!! Stelle meinen Geilkörper gerne für so was zur Verfügung!! Reply Report

fdge -1 points712 days ago

poor things Reply Report

goodfdfafdaf -1 points291 days ago

she got beautiful foot Reply Report

FuckThisTortutre -2 points230 days ago

I'd rather watch a porn than this torture gross fucking bitch! Reply Report

Jack-O -3 points211 days ago

Should shave her cunt then bugs wouldn't have place to nest Reply Report


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