Prostitute Rape

Maniac holding a knife under her neck and doesn't care about the hoo crying. The more she cries, the harder his dick gets!

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Gamer girl

Gamer girl +109 points1973 days ago

It's very obviously fake, but I wish a guy would rape me :X Reply Report

EsterDean +3 points376 days ago

girl I'll rape you, if you look like her Reply Report

Horny27yroldF +2 points338 days ago

can youbrape me Reply Report

WillGiveUD -3 points921 days ago

So gamer girl why would you wanna be raped Reply Report

Nobody 0 points1950 days ago

REALLY!!! XD Reply Report

1998zboy 0 points1955 days ago

Hey baby I mailed u Reply Report
ill rape you

ill rape you 0 points1956 days ago

whats your email Reply Report
fuck you faggot

fuck you faggot 0 points1957 days ago

fgt Reply Report

Zee -5 points1957 days ago

I wouldnt rape but you would get this big cock every night and day ; ] Reply Report

JustCumToPlay +3 points661 days ago

Aww how sweet Reply Report

london 0 points1957 days ago

I will Reply Report

vaidilas +26 points1925 days ago

and i bet you are a man Gamer girl Reply Report

torishavelle +2 points452 days ago

i want to meet a guy into the same fucked shit as me lol Reply Report
A Person

A Person +21 points721 days ago

Y'know after I'm done fapping to this stuff I realize how fucked up I am when aroused..... We're probably all on a watch list aren't we? Reply Report

angela +9 points1930 days ago

i would love that for myself maybe with a few more people though Reply Report
oh my

oh my +5 points1994 days ago

Russians are psycho
Reply Report

no1 +5 points1346 days ago

If she's a prostitute, it is NOT rape... Shop lifting at best. Reply Report

toad +4 points1957 days ago

Great looking slut with nice tits getting used...... Great vid ha ha Reply Report
White man!

White man! +3 points1402 days ago

fucking whore, u have no right to cry, ur not a person ur a product now act like it!! Reply Report

Jessicaaw +3 points314 days ago

Fuck me like thatt pleaseeeee Reply Report

kj +2 points1957 days ago

Chill Out Guys

Chill Out Guys +2 points1957 days ago

Its a fake Reply Report

whoremasterbastard +2 points1225 days ago

You can't rape a prostitute, their spunk holes are public places Reply Report

pisspig2014 +2 points336 days ago

no tears at all but i love anal rape and being beaten Reply Report
Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious +1 points1985 days ago

Fake Reply Report

Crazyman +1 points1956 days ago

I think she wanted it and Philippine men always rape their own women fact in the United States you'll get your ass shot, beat up or killed Reply Report

Xan +1 points820 days ago

Sadly this isn't a real rape. She adjusts her hair a few times, not something you'd do if you're being raped. Reply Report

sexqueen22 +1 points840 days ago

I love rough sex! I wish it was me getting fucked like that instead x3
Reply Report

GloriouslyInebriated +1 points440 days ago

Is it really rape if he only uses 1 hole? Reply Report

guest 0 points1968 days ago

he is not fucking russian, he is just another fucking ape from south Reply Report

SirRazirl 0 points353 days ago

lol gamer girl if I knew there u lived I help
Reply Report

boy 0 points150 days ago

I wanna fuck someone meet me on 16th mitchell
Reply Report
Gamer boy

Gamer boy 0 points53 days ago

Hi Gamer girl. Love your comments. Reply Report

Hemab 0 points17 days ago

.. Reply Report

Russian -1 points1935 days ago

orchestrated staging Reply Report

FAKE -1 points1957 days ago

FAKE Reply Report

FAKE -1 points1957 days ago

Fake, if it was real do you think she would care, if her hair was in her face Reply Report

Nobody -1 points1950 days ago

Muna Muna Reply Report

fuck -1 points1388 days ago

does no one have the full video link?
Reply Report
jenna 26

jenna 26 -1 points1518 days ago

Does anyone have the full link? Reply Report

G289 -1 points446 days ago

I don’t think this is fake. And Im quite certain they’re popping pills at some party or what so. Totally from my country lol!. Theyre so fucked up that this went viral. Reply Report
Love to sex

Love to sex -1 points175 days ago

Gamer Girl, get in touch with me. Let's meet somewhere so I can rape you. Reply Report

-2 points1971 days ago

I will Reply Report

Yep -4 points1971 days ago

Just a worthless piece of shit whore ... nothing more Reply Report

sallymay -4 points1956 days ago

i want to get fucked hard,,please.. Reply Report
Love to sex

Love to sex 0 points175 days ago

Plan a date with me SallyMay and I will fuck you so hard you will beg me to stop. Reply Report
Im curious

Im curious 0 points691 days ago

Im starting to like you. Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +4 points1956 days ago

Where do you live Sally I will rape all yor holes Reply Report


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