Psycho Cuts Off His Own Penis

Penis torture at it's best! Too bad he can only do it once.

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. +140 points1955 days ago

Why? Reply Report
Nice Guy

Nice Guy +28 points1955 days ago

i have enough for internet for today, Fucking sick people . Reply Report
We are not Alone

We are not Alone +24 points1817 days ago

i thought long and hard about why someone would do this-these are my top 5 answers-
1, pissed off some heavy people and they gave him choice, your cock off, or its your life.
2, he is fried on pcp, mushrooms, meth, crack, herion, lsd, some, both or all,
3, he has a geniune mental disorder/fucked in his head.
4. it was causing him extream pain and discomfort and couldnt afford surgery.
5,has a unich disorder of some sort
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gilbertasdf 0 points7 days ago

I feel like he was probably fucked up when he did it. Because if he had planned it for whatever reason, he probably would've had a better setup. He just had a cutting board and a knife, and he used the bathroom towels. But it's all academic. I mean what the fuck buddy. Reply Report
SoHo Ho Ho

SoHo Ho Ho +19 points1955 days ago

That would go nice with onions/ mushrooms fried in a pan on a bed of steamed rice Reply Report

ummmm +17 points1954 days ago

now he can suck his own dick! Reply Report

Yes +15 points1955 days ago

Finally, a real beheading Reply Report

Idiot +13 points1955 days ago

Have fun stopping the bleeding with your cat there to help. Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert +9 points1696 days ago

Just call him stubby Reply Report

Marcus +7 points1887 days ago

Was muss man für Drogen nehmen, um sooooo etwas zu machen ??????
Autsch !!!!!!!
Reply Report
30 Year Old Virgin

30 Year Old Virgin +6 points1593 days ago

Jesus! WHY?!?! More importantly, why isn't this video longer? I want to see what happens next! Reply Report

Me +6 points1763 days ago

WTF?! Reply Report

krs +5 points1955 days ago


what!!! +5 points1955 days ago

what the actual fuck is wrong with this clown Reply Report

bigcumload +5 points1953 days ago

ooopssies Reply Report

hwdp +5 points1636 days ago

everyday more and more sick motherfuckiers Reply Report

imbatman +5 points1741 days ago

Why man? WHY!! Reply Report

muherte +4 points1954 days ago

Hat mir selbst gerade bisschen weh getan Reply Report

splitty +4 points1611 days ago

what a horny cutting!
the question is if he hat taken some painkillers.
Want to see the new look of his stubbed cock after a year?
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hitler +3 points1955 days ago

OF COURSE, this has nothing to do with islam ! islam is a religion of peace ! Reply Report

Idiot 0 points1117 days ago

If you have not noticed Isis is a Islamic terrorist group you fucking retard you are all going to burn in hell you Arab! Reply Report

Dicktits -4 points477 days ago

Idiot just because Isis is an Islamic group doesn't mean all Islamic people are dicks. Burn in hell you motherfucker Reply Report

cade +3 points1953 days ago

He will bleed to death lol Reply Report

joshhhua +3 points1953 days ago

oops shouldnt have done that lolololol Reply Report

noname +3 points1950 days ago

Can I help? Let me do this........ Reply Report

UN KNOW +3 points1938 days ago

He must be lost his erection, so no use it, just cut it off Reply Report
fuck yeah

fuck yeah +3 points1934 days ago

so hot Reply Report

Hyde +3 points1930 days ago

I HATE YOU DICK! Reply Report

cutitoff +3 points1901 days ago

fucking awesome me next! Reply Report

imbatman 0 points1741 days ago


Can i hold your penis when you cut off the head? lol
Reply Report

conny +11 points1881 days ago

that would be a dream if I could do that for you! Reply Report

andrew1077 0 points885 days ago

You can cut mine off if you would like Reply Report

zipfel +1 points876 days ago

i would love to cut off your cock Reply Report

Kevin +5 points1894 days ago

Whenever you want!
I do it 4 you
Reply Report

Jdoe +1 points469 days ago

I have a 4"er you can cut off Reply Report
non member

non member +2 points1955 days ago

Best head job ever! Reply Report

Nigger +2 points1954 days ago

At least he used a Chopping Board!!! Reply Report
So sad

So sad +2 points1930 days ago

So sad to see this, he needed some help before it went to this extreme. Reply Report

houston6978 +2 points1567 days ago

I hope this dumbass bled to death. Reply Report

ilikeyng1 +2 points1699 days ago

klk me:ilikeyng1
i think of cutting it
Reply Report
fart man

fart man +2 points186 days ago

i farted to this Reply Report

haha +1 points1955 days ago

thats really hurt,and still hurting... Reply Report

sam +1 points1898 days ago

want this done to my cock balls and nipples any1 able to do this to me? Reply Report

Samuel +4 points1886 days ago

I will do it for you Reply Report

Malcon +3 points1887 days ago

Whenever and wherever you want!
I will make it for you!
Reply Report

Samuel +5 points1889 days ago

I would do it for you.
Can I keep what I cut?
Reply Report

kevin +7 points1894 days ago

Whenever you want! Reply Report

Samuel +9 points1896 days ago

How Long is you´re Dick and can I keep what I cut? Reply Report

Death +1 points1940 days ago

What next suicide?? Reply Report

Mario +1 points1955 days ago

This video cant do anymore :( Story complete: yutb: v=uH4hJO9-y98 ) Reply Report

Interneter +1 points1954 days ago

hopefully he will demonstrate on his juglar next Reply Report

! +1 points1953 days ago

Pity he can't wank over this vid! Reply Report

Sup +1 points1952 days ago

I don't get the meaning of life... his life Reply Report

jskla +1 points1936 days ago

I'm literally going to have fucking nightmares. Reply Report

cicciomidotato +1 points1776 days ago

nice Reply Report

mydaughtersdick +1 points1514 days ago

Want my dick and balls cut off at same time while im cum for last time. Reply Report

zipfel 0 points1512 days ago

I would love to watch it!
Do you know someone who makes it?
Reply Report

SadistMan666 +1 points1113 days ago

Ahahaha.. what a sick b-tard.. :D Well done mister, have a nice life after this.. Reply Report

strapon +1 points1040 days ago

so what if you have a small cock why not cut it off . i would of cut at the base and thats what i think of mine. who gives a shit if you can't make a girl cum because it's small why not cut it off. Reply Report

SexualDeviant +1 points967 days ago

This turns me on Reply Report

graves 0 points1954 days ago

LMAOOOO Reply Report

yo 0 points1954 days ago

OMG! Crazy auUch!!!!!! Reply Report
eddy the head

eddy the head 0 points1954 days ago

jajajaja que pendejo jajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja Reply Report

Chris 0 points1921 days ago

I will do it on my self... :D Reply Report
prom queen

prom queen +1 points1653 days ago

Let me suck it before you cut I love swallowing cum Reply Report

Samuel +6 points1908 days ago

I will do it 4 You Reply Report

Chris +1 points1830 days ago

U can have mine...7" long and u can cut it all...Dont care if u keep it...I am free anytime... :* Reply Report

Samuel 0 points1811 days ago

Then tell me where we can meet! I am looking forward to do it! Reply Report

cutitoff +3 points1901 days ago

do it for me Reply Report

Samuel +5 points1876 days ago

I do it for you!
Whenever and wherever you want!
Reply Report

Samuel +7 points1892 days ago

whenever you want Reply Report

Samuel +5 points1897 days ago

Are you sure ? Reply Report

Samuel +4 points1892 days ago

What can I cut and may I keep it? Reply Report

Samuel +8 points1894 days ago

How Long is your Dick and can I keep what I cut? Reply Report

jim 0 points1911 days ago

I just eish that it was my cock I would love it. Reply Report

acastrer5 0 points1904 days ago

cool moi je veut ètre filmer en trin de me couper les couilles pour mètre sur votre sit donc femmes ou couples ozer contacter moi pour me filmer en trin de me castrr réponce assurer mon tel 06 60 96 86 75 Reply Report

sylvain 0 points1874 days ago

Nice, i want this for my dick and balls then eat it Reply Report

zipfel +2 points1779 days ago

Let´s do it !
Reply Report

Connie +7 points1866 days ago

Please let me do it for you! Reply Report

connie +4 points1874 days ago

The cut I'll do gladly for you!
Want your cock and the eggs fried?
Reply Report

sylvain -1 points1871 days ago

All cut and fried for eat everything
Reply Report

Connie +1 points1821 days ago

What do you mean ! Will we do it ? Reply Report

toilet 0 points1547 days ago

Please cut my cock off Connie, I want to eat my own penis with you Reply Report

Connie +11 points1871 days ago

Whenever and wherever you want!
I do it!!
Reply Report

andrew1077 +1 points863 days ago

I'm ready to let you cut it off now. Reply Report

zipfel +1 points861 days ago

Let me do it plz ! But send me some pics from your cock first .
Reply Report

Connie 0 points1813 days ago

If it works he is really stiff after cutting I want to use as a sex toy! Reply Report

ScottOr 0 points313 days ago

Connie hey I am serious if your in the USA east coast . I want this badly but be female only . You game ? Reply Report

knifeman 0 points1642 days ago

what buck knife he is using somebody tel me plz Reply Report

ilikeyng1 0 points1741 days ago

klk me:ilikeyng1
i think of cutting it
Reply Report

zipfel 0 points1740 days ago

Why ? Reply Report

ilikeyng1 0 points1738 days ago

its fun Reply Report

ilikeyng1 0 points1738 days ago

klk me:ilikeyng1
i think of cutting it
Reply Report

Sick 0 points1725 days ago

This makes me sick Reply Report

busy 0 points1693 days ago

I can't do it
I can't know what is in your mind
Reply Report

lliiilliiilliiill 0 points769 days ago

he will never cum again he cut off the part you need to get excited lol Reply Report
menstrual blood swallower

menstrual blood swallower 0 points1415 days ago

Don't forget to wipe up the counter Reply Report

9211 0 points714 days ago

computer creation by graphic software. Reply Report

cutitoff 0 points1305 days ago

id let someone cut off my dick head of they wanted too Reply Report

Smittybtxp 0 points124 days ago

cutitoff where are you from? I will do it for you! Reply Report

WTF 0 points1246 days ago

why the fuck did i just watch this.....? this is so wrong Reply Report

mollythemonk 0 points1195 days ago

No more for this guy Reply Report

, 0 points1019 days ago

I want to rip off my eyes after this Reply Report

Andade 0 points958 days ago

Hello I want offer my penis Reply Report

zipfel 0 points907 days ago

I will take it !
Where do you come from ?
Reply Report

zipfel 0 points956 days ago

You really want to offer his penis?
Where are you from, how big is your penis and how old are you?
I might have interest!
Reply Report

victoria2121223 0 points878 days ago

Fake Reply Report

Auminhtri 0 points606 days ago

Oh no Reply Report

andrew1077 0 points885 days ago

Will one of you girls please cut mine off Reply Report

USAF 0 points885 days ago

My penis is 5 inches long Reply Report

zipfel -1 points861 days ago

And you want him cut off? Reply Report

xgrimm13x +1 points883 days ago

Anyone wanna cut mine off? Reply Report

Smittybtxp 0 points124 days ago

xgrimm13x I will. Where are you located? Reply Report
he will regret this

he will regret this 0 points785 days ago

no more sex ever agin
Reply Report

foxhole420 0 points849 days ago

Please someone cut my cock off Reply Report

zipfel 0 points846 days ago

How old are you and where do you come from ? Reply Report

Daisyberwick 0 points736 days ago

Just WHY?? Reply Report
Cocky cock

Cocky cock 0 points660 days ago

i didn't lok this as it has to bee way too disgusting. Maybe he got some money to do this and then lived happily after in a 5 star hotel as an asshole gigolo Reply Report

Sonhic 0 points177 days ago

Thats one fucked in the head guy he be one them freaks that his woman dumped him so he did that send her it over facebook lmao. Reply Report

andresgalarza 0 points625 days ago

Cut my penis please Reply Report

Smittybtxp 0 points124 days ago

andresgalarza where are you from? I'll do it for you! Reply Report

0127 0 points622 days ago

sad ....RIP cock Reply Report

たなか 0 points524 days ago

静かなる咆哮かっこいい Reply Report

Pleasedrstroymycock 0 points392 days ago

Someone here wanting to cut mine off....or stomp it till its only red slime anymore? Reply Report
Magnus Wootton

Magnus Wootton 0 points373 days ago

Reply Report
Magnus Wootton

Magnus Wootton 0 points373 days ago

this guy is totally awesome. he was pretty brave. having a stupid dick there is offensive. Reply Report
wtf is this

wtf is this 0 points317 days ago

imagine peeing Reply Report

joziboy 0 points305 days ago

fucking hot man Reply Report

12436234762 0 points228 days ago

But if he says he no longer wants to be a man and lets doctors cut it, y'all gonna jump on anyone who disagrees with it and call him a transphobe Reply Report

Kaderlage2 0 points174 days ago

werde sie essen Reply Report

erin 0 points168 days ago

What did he gain
Reply Report
No dick

No dick 0 points103 days ago

I’m never watching porn agen. Sick fuecker Reply Report
Happily Married

Happily Married 0 points85 days ago

Man I want to add extra not cut it shorter. He looks like he could have used extra too now what??? Reply Report

person666 0 points46 days ago

This is why circumcision isn't meant to be D.I.Y Reply Report

xxxxxx -1 points1945 days ago

His hungry Cat ( Audrey is the name of the cat ) is crying ( listen! ) What feeding He tomorow? Feed me Semour, I´m alone...ha, ha, ha.......... Reply Report

Reason -1 points1884 days ago

the reason is that it was too big Reply Report

LongShlong -1 points1857 days ago

Id Let a Woman Do this to me if she wanted ive been into the ideal of it for awhile so if any ladies intrested in owning their very own
hmu sometime
(352) 234-6287
Reply Report

Sally +4 points1852 days ago

I would love to do it for you!
A dream would go in fulfillment!
Reply Report

ScottOr 0 points313 days ago

Sally hey are you still serious and in the USA . If so I’m in jersey and been looking but no females at really serious I want to do this
Reply Report

andrew1077 0 points885 days ago

You can cut mine off Reply Report

plato 0 points1323 days ago

And your cunt must stink like rotting salmon Reply Report
cut me

cut me +2 points1684 days ago

sally please cut my cock head off next, It will be a nice addition to your trophy case! Reply Report

mike +1 points1703 days ago

can i cut out your cunt dick when your done with him, its one of my dreams to do that to a women and shove it in her mouth, while i youtube it all for the world to see. :) Reply Report

mike +1 points1745 days ago

please cut my cock, how can i get in contact with you? Reply Report

zipfel -1 points1623 days ago

Hello Mike
I can cut your dick off too !
Call me
Reply Report

lol -1 points1498 days ago

lets hope this one hasn't bred and either died here or cut off his testicles next lol. Reply Report

Geoshark -1 points1009 days ago

Why do people find this funny, its just wrong Reply Report

commonsense? -1 points646 days ago

Does no one else see how obviously fake this must be? I mean my God people, am I the only one who knows enough about basic anatomy to know there is an artery running through the penis, and that even if he didn't bleed out if this were real there would be a HELL of a lot more blood... just saying... Reply Report

gorefab -2 points1693 days ago

lsd + mental disorder = mutilated cock Reply Report

ASWER -2 points1513 days ago


mothercare -8 points1948 days ago

stupid faggot, all gays must die Reply Report

caddie 0 points1636 days ago

What makes you think he's gay? The fact that you don't get off to it, so he must not like women? What if this is the only thing he likes and he doesn't like men or women? Reply Report
No more Islamics thanks.

No more Islamics thanks. -10 points1950 days ago

Let us hope and pray... that he is Islamic.

But alas, how can we convince the rest of them to do the same?

Any ideas people???
Reply Report

respectallreligions +7 points1949 days ago

Why?? why did your parents raised you like that... sooner or later something bad will happen to you....
Why cant you just respect everyone maybe muslim or black guy or jewish will help you next day... well i wuldnt help you
have a nice day piece of shit
Reply Report


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