Young Girl Anal Raped

Dirty old perv rapes young girl in the ass and forces her to suck his cock clean afterwards.

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+79 points2211 days ago

more like a lumpy 40rd year old dog Reply Report

Mary +35 points2007 days ago

I wish I would finally meet a man willing to punish and degrade me this way every time I misbehave. This video makes me very wet. I just wish the guy was a whole lot cuter. LOL! Reply Report

babie_x36J +2 points166 days ago

I don't care if he's cute, I just want him to have a thick (painful) cock and be willing to make me cry. Reply Report

Dim 0 points141 days ago

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Billy one

Billy one 0 points161 days ago

come see me
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Billy one

Billy one 0 points161 days ago

come see me
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John +4 points2001 days ago

You migh Reply Report

Likeseriously +29 points1910 days ago

She's crying because he has such a small dick. Reply Report

funbarbie3 +18 points1885 days ago

i love my hair pulled while we rape role play Reply Report

brusadrap +3 points1312 days ago

i want to rape you bitch Reply Report

jerry0123 0 points199 days ago

After me..

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dad +17 points1967 days ago

hope mine dumb enough to get stuck like that takeing it Reply Report

Somegirl +14 points1998 days ago

Fake or not that was hot...luv being taken like that up my ass bent over Reply Report
slut for rape

slut for rape +13 points2100 days ago

Love this. Think he should have kept going until he spilled his load in her guts then fisted her cunt. Reply Report

RapeMe +5 points1960 days ago

Agreed that woulda been hot Reply Report
non member

non member +12 points2193 days ago

What a joke.. I never use lube on a girl when I rape her ass ..jeesh rape 101 let the blood from tearing it be the lube.. then u use the blood on ur cock like a pen and sign her tramp stamp with ur name and make her suck it clean. Fucking amateurs dude Reply Report

lv56 +1 points335 days ago

member you are perfect, i wish someone fuck me like this in the future Reply Report

Potatoe +8 points2079 days ago

I can't imagine how stupid you must be to think that this was real. Reply Report
Longer Version!!!!!!!

Longer Version!!!!!!! +6 points1556 days ago

Hey so i found a longer version in xnxx, but i lost it): if anyone can find it, please post the name of the video!!!! Reply Report

totot +5 points2167 days ago

Reminds of a vid a few years ago...teacher/russian student...and very real for the poor life of the girl! Reply Report

rapelover +5 points1813 days ago

Love that video I've wanked over it loads I'd love to do that to some girl mad me laugh when he made her sniff his fingers Reply Report
Player Piano

Player Piano +5 points1671 days ago

She seems like my 30 y.o. piano teacher.
Next lesson I'll rape her.

Obviously I'm joking. I'm not a criminal.
But, why don't dream?
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Player Piano

Player Piano -6 points1619 days ago

I fucked her.
-You are absent, today. Why?
-I saw a movie with an actress similar to you.
She was looking my pants. There was a protusion.
-Which genre of movie?
-A porn.
-It's evident. - and she putted his hand on the protusion.

Very useful movie.
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brusadrap +5 points1312 days ago

i love forcing young bitches opening up and fucking there tight virgin holes for the first time. Reply Report

raredevil +4 points294 days ago

done this to eleven little thai young assholes best feeling in the world ever. Reply Report

Kaine 0 points23 days ago

that's beautiful <3 Reply Report
Porn Critic

Porn Critic +4 points848 days ago

See how the guy hides his dick with his shirt as fast as he can. He's afraid to show how tiny it is. She should be laughing not crying! Reply Report

hornyian71 +4 points512 days ago

I love to see a young girl get raped and sodomized and hear her cry. When I rape a girl, if she cries and screams, it makes me fuck her harder and cum faster. Reply Report

robert +3 points2178 days ago

I enjoy forced anal sex being done to me by some guy to eager to lube my hole first,and I I have done it to women older women don't mind it, younger girls yell and cry over but every asshole o stretched open bleeds even my own and mens,anal sex hurts but some of realy enjoy it! Reply Report

i_love_slaves2 +3 points565 days ago

This could have been a great video if it was filmed better. I want to see that ass being pounded from a good view. He doesn't know how to fuck either... Reply Report

SubmitToMeSlave +2 points605 days ago

I loved this video. The humiliation of having to leave the office immediately, still in tears, clutching her panties in one hand and her ass in the other. Fills my heart with joy. One of my favorite punishments to administer. Reply Report
Victor Andrews

Victor Andrews +2 points398 days ago

I never understand the need to call females sluts and bitches while taking your pleasure in their rectums. Of course domination is part of the pleasure but it doesn't have to be enhanced verbally - after all she's the one getting her anal orifice opened wide and her sweet, tight, thin bowels explored. If the girl getting done in the ass is a "bitch", then should we call "mutt" the one spreading that ass wide for his orgasm? Reply Report
Thick stick owner

Thick stick owner +2 points282 days ago

i own a bar. always finding drunk girls, women passed out in ladies room at close. Reply Report
Mr. Giggles

Mr. Giggles +2 points261 days ago

I’d slit her throat first and while dying I’d rape her. Reply Report
The man

The man +1 points138 days ago

I love you.
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child raper

child raper +1 points1550 days ago

I'm coming for a couple of you. Your gonna drown in semen bitches. Reply Report
Reply to: child raper

Reply to: child raper +3 points609 days ago

please rape me ❤️ Reply Report
pedo hunter

pedo hunter 0 points1303 days ago

child raper, the name says it fucking all you sock sick sick CUNT !!!!!!! one day ile find one of you bastards
Reply Report
Bam Bam

Bam Bam +1 points1141 days ago

I wish I was inside her butt. Reply Report

howIbecamegay +1 points866 days ago

I have been on the other side as I was raped at prep school after a caning, taking my housemaster's huge cock in my tight anus and getting a good hard bumfucking that made me squeal like a pig before he made me suck his knob end clean of my poop! Reply Report

ingomat 0 points793 days ago

Weak - he probably didn't even get it up Reply Report
no name

no name 0 points1720 days ago

sick u all as fucke sick Reply Report

Truth/intelligence? 0 points138 days ago

Hahaha the stupidest hypocrites. We are all children in the eyes of God. Check your entire argument's basis: lookup the youngest pregnancy. Go back to life expectancy 30 & find yourself a nice mid-age hag of 15. Or future or now or any billions of billions of endless cross-species years to fast reproduction being highest value in every way as evolutionary survival necessity. Or magically change your opinion when authority social brainwashing says it's normal or good again. Pathetic.
The original was better.
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Andy 0 points1269 days ago

Video starts as the girl is already butt naked.We hardly see her face and then she does a blow job on the guy.Not a high rating. Reply Report

misschiff 0 points1213 days ago

that's hot ;) Reply Report
The 40 year old wolf

The 40 year old wolf 0 points1153 days ago

He reamed that ass. he beat the shit out of that bitch and she enjoyed it. where's the hair on the pussy? Reply Report
Rape men

Rape men 0 points1092 days ago

I wish i could do that to someone :) rape power. Reply Report
Ich stosse fotzen und ärsche durch

Ich stosse fotzen und ärsche durch 0 points1030 days ago

Die soll nicht so rumheulen, diese kleinen schlampen wollen doch alle in ihren nuttenarsch gefickt werden Reply Report
Ey du Sonderschüler

Ey du Sonderschüler 0 points996 days ago

Das heißt "ich stoße", nicht "ich stosse". Reply Report

daddyslilslut 0 points725 days ago

do all you little pussies complaining realize these are actors and alot of ppl are turned on by rape fantasy, it doesnt mean we support real rape... well maybe a little... Reply Report

.. 0 points605 days ago

Wow Reply Report
Aj jjj

Aj jjj 0 points385 days ago

Little dick and a little soft too Reply Report

Emerson 0 points425 days ago

Tf? Reply Report

DEEZGODZ 0 points420 days ago

How Indians became Catholic and Christian lmao Reply Report

2982mouse 0 points345 days ago

Godsake this IS so damn best thing here ATM.. Reply Report

Riju 0 points318 days ago

Does anyone has full video and what is name of actress in this clip
Reply Report

analrapestud 0 points302 days ago

Best place to rape the bitch least it cant get pregnant. Reply Report
Merchant of cool

Merchant of cool 0 points53 days ago

I love some of the responses. It's a video you poor stupid bastards. Take your dicks out of your hands, and get lives. Reply Report
Lewis palmer

Lewis palmer 0 points55 days ago

If you looking for a big Black dick and someone to punish you then look me up Reply Report

Jimmio 0 points52 days ago

I like Mary’s comment way back. If a young girl was in the hands of Mary maybe we’d see some more proper action. Girls might not be so hoity-toity. Mary would certainly be an asset. She seems to know and would certainly satisfy my longing of watching a naughty girl being dealt with. Good on you Mary. We need more women like you. Ones who see their own sex, pretty girls, whipped and abused for man’s enjoyment. This girl is getting what many deserve. Love you Mary x Reply Report

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 0 points32 days ago

All you fuckers are so fucked in the head, i went through all your comments. I haven't even watched the video yet and don't plan on it, i hope all of you are going to hell. Reply Report

punisher -1 points1788 days ago

he deserves his head on a pike, but first, i would slowly cut off his dick and balls with a rusty butter knife then i would boost him with adrenaline to keep him awake while i do other shit to him Reply Report

SubmitToMeSlave +1 points605 days ago

Your kind are my favorite to break. Waltz up into a liar thinking you're all tough shit. You're kind never ceases to entertain me. Reply Report
go punish some real rapists and pedos

go punish some real rapists and pedos +4 points996 days ago

you do know that these two are actors, right?
and that she´s actually the star and making quite a fortune?
ts.. ts..
Reply Report

torturedarse -1 points1701 days ago

i am sure she deserved it whatever it was. Reply Report

NAMEFFS 0 points138 days ago

Finally some truth
Reply Report
fuck that...

fuck that... -1 points1761 days ago

It dont take a lot to turn me on but this is not it he is so nasty n old looking n his dick could stand to grow some more Reply Report

wtf -1 points1750 days ago

love the comments by guys and girls on here saying if you are on here its cause you cant get laid! wtf are you doing on here? and people that say its sick blah blah why are you on here and commenting on the video's its very simple all you fakes out there get turned on by this shit but are to scared to say anything about it Reply Report
No point

No point 0 points138 days ago

Thank god for you but self-explanatory. Underdeveloped disloyal beta lunatics make&follow the herd.
Reply Report

Zodiac -1 points1620 days ago

LMFAO he got a small dick, trying to act like the big man too funny Reply Report
Tomt 1

Tomt 1 -1 points996 days ago

Guess whqt asshole im coming after you cause I hate rapist you stupid bitch also i hope you get shunned by your family and the whole fucking planet you dumb piece of shit and that goes for anyone else who thinks this is okay got it cause you dont know how it feels to get raped and abused you have no fuckkng idea how it fuckkng feels so go fuck yourselves all of you who thinks this is okay got it do you understand Reply Report

SubmitToMeSlave 0 points605 days ago

Looks like someone needs a good raping. Where shall I start? Your ass perhaps. Or maybe you have a nice juicy cunt for me to pleasure myself with. I will lick you from ear to crotch, and break you into being my slave. Why do people like you even come to places like this? You know you don't belong here. You know you won't change any of us. I suggest you avoid looking for trouble in the future, lest you stumble upon something you can't get out of. Reply Report
It\'s a fake video

It\'s a fake video +3 points904 days ago

The rape in this video is fake they are both actresses if this was real it would of been deleted already this video is just stolen from some porn video and renamed after all if this was rape she would of been fighting and she obviously didn't fight Reply Report

wow -2 points2200 days ago

He looked gay Reply Report

Wtf -4 points2085 days ago

Oh may gad it's a real vidéo ?
Go die pedos...
Reply Report
Tf bro

Tf bro -4 points1836 days ago

1st it's fake and you can easily tell it is
2nd yes I get turned on I'm bi so I like getting raped(role play)
3rd I don't really like porn
Reply Report

wsda -9 points2159 days ago

fucking pathetic Reply Report
Fuck u pedo

Fuck u pedo -15 points2102 days ago

Buch of fucking pedos yous are on this is because yous can not get laid burn in fucking hell
Reply Report

ceped -16 points2199 days ago

a true coward Reply Report


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