Anal Rape

Black guy anal rapes woman and shreds her ass with his big cock.

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wow +127 points2313 days ago

who the hell names these videos Reply Report

juliannasweet -3 points833 days ago

i love big dick Reply Report

derp +40 points2313 days ago

Oh God I'm being raped, better keep flipping my hair away so everyone can see my face Reply Report

torishavelle +1 points456 days ago

i would love to find a big black guy who can fuck me like this lol Reply Report

LMFAO +30 points2313 days ago

2:59 "more lube" Reply Report

thisguy +27 points2061 days ago

stop with this racism we came for porn Reply Report

dahmer +23 points2313 days ago

Sounds Like She's Laughing. Reply Report
MR. Henderson

MR. Henderson +23 points2201 days ago

Bitch he don't want to kill you, he just wants to murder that ass :D Reply Report
Name to display

Name to display +20 points2017 days ago

To kill a mocking bird anyone Reply Report

lolcopter +2 points770 days ago

my sides Reply Report

G-man +18 points2313 days ago

Well at lease he's wearing a condom Reply Report

lol +17 points2313 days ago

This is fake as fuck. Reply Report

rapeman +13 points2309 days ago

i want to do that to her . . . Reply Report

Hellomynameisvalerie +12 points2310 days ago

Is she laughing? thats what it sounds like! Reply Report

Bored! +11 points2179 days ago

This is bullshit! She sounds like she is laughing. The jerky movements are terrible!! Camera moron! Reply Report
you know who

you know who +9 points2174 days ago

Everytime I'm I'm ass-raping a girl, I make sure to put on a condom & make sure she is lubed up....fake shit
Reply Report

pewdiepie +8 points2313 days ago

awsome Reply Report

interneter +7 points2187 days ago

I saw a black guy taking a white girl, fuck the video im just here to read the retarded comments that are bound to crop up, lots of mini hitlers and kkk's as usual. XD XD XD stay classy Reply Report

LibcucksArentMen -1 points1087 days ago

Yeah how about the dindu nuffin rapist scumbags that sound like they'd actually do this in real life? Conveniently ignored them as usual eh you liberal piece of filth? Or maybe you're just one of them. KYS. Reply Report

mikeonmybike 0 points385 days ago

lol, what about the sister fucking hicks who sound like theyd actually kill a black guy for no reason? See, we can all be racist. fuck off faggot, go somewhere you can be useful. probably your sisters house, fucking weirdo. KYS Reply Report
Oh dear.

Oh dear. +7 points1778 days ago

Rape porn! Let's assume it's real even though there's a camera filming it . . with angles, then post in the comment section as to how black dudes have bigger dicks than white, and white ladies are sluts. Reply Report

ncktyu +6 points2313 days ago

black guys with their fucking horse hung large sinister veracious village destroying Albanian monster dicks Reply Report

JOHNNYBOB -5 points1986 days ago

im a white guy and im enormous, this guy has a tiny wennie Reply Report

YouMotherHugger +3 points829 days ago

I didn't know that your parents are allowing you to watch porn... Reply Report

James +1 points1781 days ago

Yup another bro with a tiny pole and a big mouth. Reply Report

chickwholovesrapeporn +6 points1745 days ago

I've never fucked a black guy but I've had some insanely huge white guy dick.... just sayin..... Im not racist but I like to keep it white ;) Reply Report

bernie +6 points1375 days ago

#FeelTheBern Reply Report
White SLUT !

White SLUT ! +5 points2313 days ago

White girls are the biggest sluts in the world. Reply Report

Sextourist52 0 points155 days ago

SLUT ! explains why every other race is always fucking white girls lol Reply Report
idiot hater

idiot hater 0 points809 days ago

your a fucking idiot you retard Reply Report
Cold Phoenix

Cold Phoenix +1 points259 days ago

hater *you're Reply Report

lonestarnaughtygirls +5 points2313 days ago

nice ass Reply Report

Fag +4 points2081 days ago

Hey Chris dormer it's not empowerment if its rape..... That's just disgrace Reply Report

k +3 points2136 days ago

fake as hell Reply Report

Meh +2 points2215 days ago

Better acting then I've seen in most vids. Reply Report

alwea +2 points1658 days ago

Who is that Bill COSBY? Reply Report

Truthful +2 points236 days ago

It doesn't look like his dick was in her ass. They never showed up an up close side view. Just an overhead. I think it wasn't anal. Just saying. Reply Report
Jebac siptara

Jebac siptara +1 points1960 days ago

What is her name? Reply Report

yum 0 points2288 days ago

would love to have him pound my pussy like that. Reply Report

pwgray 0 points2082 days ago

Do not go to this site, it is nothing more than what I call a "run around" where they do nothing more than send you to another site, then another, and another. I tried at least 20 videos and none produced a video.

Reply Report

R 0 points2071 days ago

Another filthy whore trying to get her own show on MSNBC Reply Report

Redded 0 points236 days ago

Would be a lot better if we could have seen the anal. I really didn't see anything, just another cuckold loser husband that doesn't know how to handle a camera and the wife is average looking. They were just looking for an attractive light skinned black bull. At least he doesn't look like those degenerate dark bulls lol Reply Report

huh? 0 points1768 days ago

lol you guys call the penis that looks like a retarded carrot big? lol ctfu Reply Report

Ehm 0 points1348 days ago

The minutes at the beginning are okay, but the rest is so borring... Just not anal rape Reply Report

justice4trayvon 0 points1411 days ago

start off as a rape then she gets into being raped now it's consensual worst porn ever. Reply Report

Betther 0 points562 days ago

crime is to ignore what a dictionary is Reply Report

skully83 0 points1059 days ago

sexy ass Reply Report

Booterrible 0 points966 days ago

i guess the anal rapist brought his creotene powder with him in the kitchen Reply Report

celticscorpio 0 points651 days ago

Love to fill her ass with cum Reply Report

Jakkal 0 points753 days ago

Damn Reply Report

plzpunishme 0 points736 days ago

I'm not impressed Reply Report

Jenn28 0 points692 days ago

A rape with a condom? Fuck that shit Reply Report

$7\' 0 points472 days ago

maybe is a gentle rapist? Reply Report

vivianloira 0 points657 days ago

Is correct. Black man likes to destroy woman's butt. Especially of blond girls Reply Report

Fukme 0 points571 days ago

She needs to STFU Reply Report

Betther 0 points562 days ago

Wtf Reply Report

D4ddy_d4nk 0 points223 days ago

plEasE dOn't kiLl mE Reply Report

assraper 0 points182 days ago

mmmm like her face and hair. i had one that look like her and she loved me to rape her ass all the time Reply Report

Sextourist52 0 points155 days ago

seems like by the end of the video she finally discovered what her white pussy is for Reply Report

Takeme -1 points634 days ago

Yes please Reply Report
Billy O

Billy O -1 points372 days ago

My 25 year old Sister was gang raped by 3 black under age teens, she is white.
She was impregnated, and gave up the baby boy for adoption as she is an avid christian and does not believe in abortion.
I am 7 years younger then her, and when I go to visit her she often strips down in front of me to announce that she is going to take a shower. She has really nice perky small-ish tits with really big nipples and nearly black pubes even though she is blonde.
She always gives me a boner and next time she does it I swear I am going to get in the shower with her and try and stick my big boner in her.
The really strange part is, she had never ever dated a black guy prior to getting raped by three black teenagers, now she pretty much dates only black guys.
One time recently when we got high together at her apt. she told me that she had orgasms while being raped and wondered if that was normal.
Reply Report
fake man

fake man -2 points2240 days ago

this is fake like hell... Reply Report
satan of ass

satan of ass -2 points1925 days ago

ashamed of being white ...she says she has no money what a rascist... white dude will ever have you Reply Report

SexyDarlene -3 points2174 days ago

God I know how it feels when a black thug rapes you since a black guy raped me and
beat me up as well. But suddenly I found myself liking it and begged him to butt fuck me
in that cute sexy nice bare white ass of mine Needless to say He did so!
Reply Report
Sean Douglas

Sean Douglas 0 points972 days ago

Well hopefully the next nigger that rapes you also kills you. Fucking disgusting degenerate whore. Reply Report
Hoes for bros

Hoes for bros -2 points1781 days ago

White Trash! Reply Report

HANDSOME STUD -4 points1865 days ago

Rapist killer Clair

Rapist killer Clair +2 points737 days ago

I only go on this site to track and burn people like you Reply Report

funbarbie3 -4 points1936 days ago

we posted all of this one Reply Report

Disgusted -4 points1783 days ago

Get this shit of the internet, it fucking illegal Reply Report

anon +10 points1743 days ago

its not real fucktard, she calmly asks for more lube mid video, it was set up Reply Report

goodwetpussy -5 points2247 days ago

Bad video but I would def let him rape me :P an black guys are bigger but they also know how to work it an not all white girls are sluts. I'm white 19 an only had sex with 1 person. Well 2 but one guy an one girl so yeah Reply Report

victorkaegi -5 points2179 days ago

rape is always the best Reply Report

jackielee1980 -5 points2175 days ago

So,that white girl subscribes to my own ideas of "The Bigger,The Blacker,The Better!"...
Cuz my own black boyfriend loves to butt fuck me in my cute tight sexy nice little white ass and make me suck his big black dick and cum in me! Love the Black Cock!
Reply Report
Sean douglas

Sean douglas -5 points972 days ago

Boring. They're just showing what all niggers do. Rape white sluts. And I love seeing all these comments in here from you niggers trying to put us white guys down. You don't think we do the same shit to your women? It's funny how you losers have to try so hard to try and piss us off. Trust me idiots it doesn't work. You guys only get with the nastiest drugged out sluts you can find. We don't want them anyway. Personally I'd like to keep my dick from falling off from 100 diseases. Reply Report

Sextourist52 0 points155 days ago

douglas not denying that africans rape a lot of white girls but come on this is a staged video Reply Report

mikeonmybike +1 points385 days ago

douglas dude, what is your issue lol. No one was saying anything to you, are you okay? do you have some personal problems you want to address. Reply Report

CHRIS DORNER -7 points2158 days ago

BLACK POWER!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

KKK +2 points1781 days ago

White Power!! Reply Report
laughting at you

laughting at you -15 points2262 days ago

what you blacks think this is a victory over us white guys because they paid some low life trailer park white trash sluts to get fucked what this makes us equal or u better then what whites have accomplished in the years most powerful race you keep slagging trash i guess that's what your good for we will keep making history Reply Report
Sean Douglas

Sean Douglas +1 points972 days ago

Exactly! And I see how many loser niggers disliked this comment. Oh well the truth hurts. Reply Report

---> -2 points1568 days ago

Blacks seek equality not segregation no one would expect a possible chance of a alien race killing us all because were stupid enough to complain a color, people are different and will always be different but at the same time equal Reply Report

assholes -16 points2257 days ago

Fucking Niger's she says stop u stop Reply Report


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