Real Defloration

Young girl crying while she has her cherry popped.

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TomahawkCruise +136 points2236 days ago

what a fucking asshole Reply Report

nata87 -4 points743 days ago

this is a school in trinidad i think Reply Report

imbatman +42 points2236 days ago

Poor pussy....
I'm madder than hell right now,if you were going to waste a virgin pussy like that, at least give it to me or someone else who would love that cherry pussy....dam it. waste. pissed man.
And he didn't do it with gentleness or care or love, he just ram it right-in....poor girl. so long virgin pussy...i'm crying right now.
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alexandria76 +31 points2236 days ago

nothing hotter than watching a young girl forcefully having her innocence taken away from her. Mmm Reply Report
The head

The head +25 points2077 days ago

For a start its fake, secondly why the fuck did you look up this video if you're so offended by it. And lastly people, please please learn to spell and use correct grammar. Reply Report
Fuck you "the head

Fuck you "the head -10 points1128 days ago

Fuck you dumb bitch do I spel good enuff for u Reply Report
Shut up

Shut up -1 points267 days ago

you "the head
Shut the fck up. Retard
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Josh +18 points2016 days ago

I just watched this video and that was by far the most fucked up shit I have ever seen! This was the first time for her and this was only once in her life and now she only has some fucked up shit to reflect on for the rest of her life. Fuck you asshole man in the video!! Reply Report

Dumbass +15 points2236 days ago

What a stupid prick!!! Wasting a good piece of a virgin pussy. Reply Report

loveandhuh +12 points2093 days ago

Poor girl...I wish I could have done this for her. I would have held her hand, kissed her, something. Even if she volunteered, this just cruel. I wish I could hug her. Reply Report

ally +10 points2054 days ago

No shes not a drama queen you idiot.. If you look at the screwdriver looking's not much bigger than a large tampon for most girls...compared to her vagina...which looks incredibly very small compared to the screwdriver...that means she's tiny compared to the average female. Not to mention he didn't even lube it. Must of felt like getting a knife shoved in you. OUCH. Reply Report

worff +9 points2116 days ago

i wished I could have been there... I would have used my hard cock to devirginise that bitch. Reply Report

Ashley +9 points2109 days ago

I am a virgin myself and that hurt me could never lose it that way. Gosh I feel so uncomfortable between my legs right now I mean ouch! Reply Report

lashley -7 points1100 days ago

hey Reply Report

guy +8 points2154 days ago

im glag the little whore got that i just wish it was his dick rameing in her and treat the like the whore she is Reply Report
Guy is brain dead

Guy is brain dead 0 points1210 days ago

You silly little cunt
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Holly +8 points1797 days ago

i mean this would even be painful for a non-virgin - too harsh without any "warming up" Reply Report

inceststory +7 points1893 days ago

fearfull bitch
if i were there i would take my hand and slam it into your pussy till its all open!!
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faeriejane +7 points1546 days ago

I'm still a virgin and this makes me cringe. She wasn't even wet. The least they could have done is eat her out first. Plus.. use your dick like a real man, asshole. Reply Report

AO -10 points989 days ago

I'll be gentle with you if you want to lose your virginity to me, nice titty rub, eat you out until you cum, then I'll lay on my back for you and hold your hand as you lower yourself on my dick at your own pace. Reply Report

dakkadakka +6 points2236 days ago

i had my cherry popped by a goat forced onto me by my mother in gonoreahstan Reply Report

.ml;m +6 points2078 days ago

screwdriver really? what was wrong with a real dick or a dildo Reply Report

Happy +6 points1767 days ago

That was touching and beautiful.....Tears of joy.....Nothing like a fat old hairy Russian in his 60's taking your teen cherry. Reply Report

Anon +6 points1195 days ago

The first time is supposed to be special and something to remember.

... this certainly qualifies, lol. Poor girl though.
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ehh +5 points2236 days ago

stupid bitch, what she thougt they will gona do with a bound up virgin? playin chess? -.-
lost virginity to a screwdriver, yay.
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Member +5 points2235 days ago

The real question is, why did she volunteer to do this? Reply Report

Lick +5 points1980 days ago

Damn she's crying. That girl will be having a hard time going to the bathroom peeing while while she's bleeds out her orgasm Reply Report

dad +4 points2072 days ago

hope mine gets it that was but by a man
Reply Report

Goosfrabah +3 points2044 days ago

:) Reply Report

Gizmo +3 points1210 days ago

I hope she cut his balls off or fucked him bloody with sandpaper Reply Report

kkk +2 points2236 days ago

O.O Reply Report

as +2 points2236 days ago

Damn, thats just wrong. Nothing wrong with virgin fucking, but even the experience if painful is meant to be enjoyable. That will haunt her Reply Report

Frisbie +2 points2235 days ago

Why the fuck would anyone do this? That's just cruel for one thing and immensely stupid for another.
Poor girl. :c I know how you feel, that shit's awful.
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to sexist motherfuckers

to sexist motherfuckers +2 points2113 days ago

I hope all sexist fucks get raped daily in prison for years, I feel bad for this girl :(, how do you know it's fake? Were you there? PS people need to learn to spell Reply Report

Anne +2 points1953 days ago

You guys are dumb. She asked for it. Reply Report

luke -3 points1897 days ago

She may never have done in some countries their fathers have it sewn together when they are young to allow it to heal together so the man know she is pure it got band in several countries due to the sick nature and pain a female would go through when it splits open. Reply Report
hren morzhovy

hren morzhovy +2 points1334 days ago

Lol, at 5.35 assistant girl sad:"Should she date with the screwdriver now?" Reply Report

Kitty +1 points1291 days ago

I think it's safe to say none of you have ever heard of the blue screwdriver man. >;P Reply Report
Takeda Matsuo

Takeda Matsuo +1 points1082 days ago

Noice! Hopped on my homeboy`s dick for hours to this video, great fun and enjoyed! Reply Report

Ant1968 +1 points420 days ago

I hope this was fake. If not, that guy deserves to have an unlubed baseball bat suddenly shoved up his ass without warning. Reply Report

Ant1968 0 points420 days ago

Fake or not, I will never get why the guy didn't use his dick. Reply Report

clitlicker 0 points312 days ago

nice hairy cunt Reply Report

maxsmith1985 0 points725 days ago

I want someone to do this to my my girlfriends younger sister who still has her cherry Reply Report

MrLoo 0 points184 days ago

This is Lelik... a Ukrainian school teacher or something. He is apparently in prison now. Ukrainians are like that... there are many videos of him devirginilizing young girls. Reply Report

virginfuckmeat 0 points287 days ago

My cunt and ass need to be deflowered this roughly Reply Report

anitdm 0 points456 days ago

oof I am still a virgin... Now I am scared that it will hurt as much that... Like what if he isn't gentle with me and just rams in to me... Gosh! I am so scared now... Reply Report

freakygirl69 0 points423 days ago

i feel bad for that pussy Reply Report

Unicorneerz 0 points328 days ago

What a complete asshole. Shame Reply Report

Prettyslut 0 points233 days ago

This made me mad Reply Report

Ianwants2cum 0 points197 days ago

I would have gladly done it and really really enjoyed doing the deed with the greatest of pleasure. To more excitement we would workout when she would be at her most fertile day and do it, just to prove it is possible to get pregnant by having sex once you could get pregnant. Reply Report

Siech 0 points112 days ago

Guys, she just needed the goddamn money, and she was willing to offer her virginity, god knows why Reply Report

kike79 -1 points2087 days ago

primero que todo esta putas solo tienen el periodo segundode que aterrarse si es putas blancas desde q comienzan a gatear ya se les puede meter la verga desde cuna son putas todas las blancas.. si se fijan en el mundo de la pornografia estas zorras blancas abundan como la peste.. no se perdio nada uno las puede culiar desde muy niñas son putas lo llevan en la sangre... ellas lo disfrutan Reply Report
La zorra blanca

La zorra blanca 0 points735 days ago

Eres un jodido imbécil. Yo soy blanca y no soy puta, me vas a decir tú a mi con que derecho nos llamas "zorras" a todas. Y todas las mujeres que tienen sexo consentido lo disfrutan, y tú también. Creo que tu problema es que jamás has tenido un buen polvo, busca alguna de las tuyas, aunque no lo disfrute seguro tú si ;) Reply Report

Tom -1 points2014 days ago

These chicks be Sex Slaves on this site Reply Report

Hi -1 points1979 days ago

Hui Reply Report
Uh Oh

Uh Oh -1 points1762 days ago

Look, daddy....Fatmir loves me! Reply Report
Name to Display

Name to Display -1 points1274 days ago

Beautiful. Every woman should have their cherries popped like that. Reply Report
to emma

to emma -2 points2153 days ago

thats because your a dumb bitch your made for men to fuck thats it learn your place you shood of let your dad do it for you Reply Report

longtimefan -2 points1992 days ago

I want losing mine to HURT!! Lose it to a gang rape. Oh yeah... But guys won't touch you until you're legal, which I totally understand. Still sucks for me. Reply Report
fucking horny

fucking horny +2 points1744 days ago

I'll make it hurt for you ;) Reply Report
freaky cum

freaky cum -2 points1959 days ago

Make it happen then Reply Report

CaptAnon -2 points1059 days ago

Come on, she wasn't a virgin. This is the usual Russian bullshit. Reply Report

Savagee -2 points932 days ago

I mean damn he so savage Reply Report

lasalle -2 points821 days ago

Will someone deflower my little sister while I watch? Reply Report
Jack Daniel

Jack Daniel -3 points810 days ago

Life ain't always beautiful bitch. Sell the panty with you virgin blood to a pervert and use the money to buy something nice. Always these crying cum-dumps. Makes me sick. Be tender here, deflower me gently there .. and all that shit. Ever seen a crying dog when it first gets fucked? Or a crying bear? Never. They fuck and that was it. Dumb human cunts. Reply Report

jojo -5 points2231 days ago

this is a stupid things Reply Report

Russ -6 points1944 days ago

You are a bunch of idiots
it is all staged and she is only having her period
Reply Report

Enn -7 points2235 days ago

She probably just had a thick hymen, poor girl. I was lucky, I never had one. Reply Report

mk -16 points2225 days ago

the sad part is you morons think this was real Reply Report

, -16 points2068 days ago

What a drama queen, there's no way it hurts as much as she's making out, and if it did, why the fuck would you film it? Reply Report

Emma -26 points2239 days ago

i deflorated myself, breaking my own blood or pain Reply Report
Emmas Mother

Emmas Mother +7 points1918 days ago

hi dear would you like some pasta bringing up or should I leave it on the side? love mum Reply Report
Emmas Dad

Emmas Dad +7 points1685 days ago

Did i not tell you to shut up woman ? and bend over
Reply Report
Emma's Little Sister

Emma's Little Sister +9 points1678 days ago

Daddy, what are you doing to Mommy? Reply Report


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