Violent Rape Porn

Poor girl treated like a piece of shit by these two bastards.

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wow +277 points2206 days ago

i masturbated to this. im a terrible fucking person Reply Report

slutgirl +109 points1642 days ago

I masturbate to this and I am a woman what does that make me? Reply Report

Hitachi +9 points475 days ago

I did too. It's the animalistic nature of a man that really gets me going Reply Report

shawna127 +2 points489 days ago

Normal! Reply Report

awaal 0 points709 days ago

i will do to you if you want rape sex

Reply Report

Scott +12 points1126 days ago

A terrible fucking person whom I want to fuck. Reply Report

jannybh +39 points1621 days ago

Perhaps this makes you a true, real Lady instead of a mendacious moralist or stupid "giggle"-bimbo of kind and nice "porn" Reply Report
shut up

shut up +3 points917 days ago

it makes her someone who gets off on rough sex Reply Report

minash +154 points2085 days ago

ich liebe es wie sie weint und leidet *-* Reply Report

ass +139 points2004 days ago

I'm a girl and this turns me on so fucking much. Wouldn't want this to be done to me, but i love watching it Reply Report

TopNotch +6 points694 days ago

You'd like a controlled rape setting, not a violent one. Something where the guys were mean but not killers. A scenario you'd survive - sore, maybe roughed up, but no perm damage.

Reply Report

ThisIsWhyImHere +99 points1841 days ago

all girls should learn this instead of go school Reply Report

Pleaase +6 points765 days ago

Teach me Reply Report

jannybh +63 points1752 days ago

could be better
- if guy was blck or a grl with strap on, best a blck grl,
- givin her pss into her throat or a big brown turd of sht
- making her puke also,
- forcing her parents or other relatives to watch.
Reply Report

))00 +61 points2206 days ago

i masterbated to this and feel like a million bucks, hope that fuckin slut is still living in a nightmare Reply Report
realtalk bro

realtalk bro -2 points1003 days ago

amen brother, hope this bitch drinks bleach to wash away the shame Reply Report

yeah! +47 points2144 days ago

I'm a girl and i love it! it makes me so wet! Reply Report
i love rape vids like if u do to brofist to all of

i love rape vids like if u do to brofist to all of +42 points2002 days ago

This video makes me hard every time BROFIST to all of the PEWDIEPIE BROS !!!!!!! LIKE IF YOUR A BRO TO OHH YA BROFIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

guy +37 points2083 days ago

this is what girls are for use them how you want im a dad an even think my own shood be treated the same way good fucking vido Reply Report

randonmmm +4 points810 days ago

thats how my daddi used me Reply Report

No -133 points1789 days ago

You are a horrible father Reply Report

womenarestupid +28 points1800 days ago

yes I loved it all girls should be treated like this Reply Report
stupid mofos

stupid mofos -9 points1794 days ago

this is not rape this was filmed by a porn industry the uploader just knew shitloads ofpeoplepossibly more would jackoff to this this is by macinto porn industries dumasses\
Reply Report

sadisticbastard +23 points1372 days ago

this video was disappointing, she should of been hurt a lot more than just slapping. filthy little slut should of been forced to scream like it deserves Reply Report
Hard Cock

Hard Cock +21 points2171 days ago

It may have started as consentual but thats not how it ended. She is clearly being raped. Still my cock is hard Reply Report

rapelover +20 points1875 days ago

fucking loved it. That's how to treat these cunts Reply Report
Humans are Evil

Humans are Evil +19 points2205 days ago

I couldn't cum to any other porn besides this one. FKing awesome. THis is how you treat a woman!!!! Reply Report
fucking hell this is good!

fucking hell this is good! +18 points1974 days ago

i love rape vids. they always make my horny Reply Report

NASTYMAN +17 points2146 days ago

That fucking slut deserves it, i would fuck her and make her puke on my cock, love her!
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Gallahan +17 points1977 days ago

I'm so fucked up I can get off to this.
Anyone else, do you switch off for the duration and then feel AWFUL after you cum?
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so wet

so wet +17 points1856 days ago

im so fucking wet thinking of being used like this Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +6 points1813 days ago

I would love to use you
Reply Report

shortchic71 +16 points2169 days ago

There is something wrong with me. I can't stop watchng this. Reply Report
Arse Destroyer

Arse Destroyer +15 points2206 days ago

Where is the rest of this? Amazing hope that whore really suffers. Reply Report

queen1234 +15 points1914 days ago

im girl and i love it wish my bf fucks me like that Reply Report

samanthadutchslut +12 points772 days ago

OMFG I wanna be next please!!! Reply Report

rapeisgood +12 points2123 days ago

I love how he hits her and then gags her, hits, gag... Reply Report
dad 6

dad 6 +11 points1692 days ago

i do this to my wife beat her strangle her rip her ass open and the more she screams crys and trys to fight me off the better it gets Reply Report

pjisbored +11 points1479 days ago

I need this. I miss being used like this. Reply Report
Mr D

Mr D +11 points1362 days ago

I love to see her cry. Reply Report

subbaby +11 points1074 days ago

Omg i masturbated to the comments to lmao im terrible dame im horny Reply Report

ashleygreene +10 points882 days ago

I want to try out for these videos lol they are so intense Reply Report
rape lover godess

rape lover godess +9 points2162 days ago

some women love this. i know i do. Reply Report

G +9 points1568 days ago

I fuck u mother u pussy or u child u
Ich ficke deine amerikanische vater du verficktes zigeuner land ihr bastarden
Ihr seid verfickte sklaven die mitgebrachtwurden nach amerika du hurensohn
Reply Report

Studencina +9 points1306 days ago

I like this video so much! I always laughing when she started to cry. To sum up - right woman in right place. : ) Reply Report

worff +8 points2044 days ago

this might be the best video of Facial Abuse. love it. Reply Report

whorehunter +8 points1886 days ago

fucking whore deserved it. they took it too easy on her. i wouldve broken her fucking nose with my cock. fucking whore. Reply Report

great +8 points1901 days ago

she deserves it. this should be for all women Reply Report

flareclaire22 +8 points1363 days ago

I need to be treated like this. Reply Report

bevington 0 points915 days ago

when and where? Reply Report
The Philosopher

The Philosopher +8 points1088 days ago

Wow, that was probably the most intense shit I've ever seen. I mean, I've seen deeper, I've seen faster, I've seen more crying, more fighting, I've seen more slapping, more punching, I've seen much, much worse than this. But this one puts them all to shame. Something about the way she gave up half way through. IDK, it's hard to explain exactly, but I think most of you will understand what I mean.

I am probably an absolutely terrible person. I certainly would never actually do anything like this to anybody. But, just because I am not the one committing the act, does not mean that watching and enjoying this video is victim-less.

The damned internet.. On the one hand it is the best of humanity, the combined knowledge of all man kind. On the other hand, it is also the combined hatred, prejudice, and violence of all man kind. I've learned wonderful and amazing things, but at what cost? The first time I jacked off, a topless pic was like super hard core. Years later, this is all that will even get me up anymore.
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READ this Bitch

READ this Bitch +7 points2205 days ago

i love rough deep throating videos, that bitch took it good, the guys were kind of small, didnt see her coughing and gagging on them much, she should of been forced to choked on their cocks till shes slobbering everwhere Reply Report

homeforloving +103 points1748 days ago

they could fill her throat with piss and make her vomit about their cocks Reply Report

ocenlax +7 points2099 days ago

About time too, a video depicting an almost REAL RAPE!! Reply Report
ill be your whore

ill be your whore +7 points2102 days ago

so fucking hot and sexy, i want to be used like this every single night Reply Report

ST2000 +6 points2153 days ago

Great gagging video!! love it!! Reply Report

shoney +6 points2120 days ago

I fucking love it.
Reply Report

V +6 points2109 days ago

Best fucking video ever. Reply Report

diablo +6 points2032 days ago

Some of these comments shock me. If the little white went in there to make her money, then she can accept the dick that gets shoved down her throat! Live this little whore. Furthermore, the little slut could have walked away at ne time.......she didn't. So she likes being fucked like the whore she is........not rape at all. Just good filming Reply Report

Jed +6 points1959 days ago

Bet the lads had fun on this one, a worthless slag turning cry baby will always harden you a bit Reply Report

Goog +6 points1946 days ago

Best vid ever Reply Report

money +6 points1864 days ago

women and money hardest lovestory ever Reply Report

nice +6 points1849 days ago

Fucking loved it Reply Report

+6 points1593 days ago

they dident do any thing to her that they could not have done to a sissy boi like me where is my turn
Reply Report

kinkykitten +6 points1110 days ago

Love these these these two guys. I'd watch every one of their videos if I could. They have some of the hottest videos I've seen online. It's just hard to find ones without puke, since I don't like puke. Reply Report

Fabion +5 points2186 days ago

thats how you treat a stupid cunt like her! ..actually they were a ill too easy on her!:) Reply Report

ST2000 +5 points2153 days ago

Great gagging video!! love it! Reply Report

subbaby +5 points1074 days ago

I masturbated to this to an im a woman lol Reply Report
super red ninja

super red ninja +5 points1843 days ago

Fucking jizz in her throut Reply Report

graves +4 points2206 days ago

Absolutely brilliant!! would love to see a bit of Arse Penetration but still a great video Reply Report
thick one

thick one +4 points2182 days ago

that's what the best ones I've seen yet!!!!! Reply Report

wanafukme +4 points2070 days ago

I love ow wet my pussy gets from these videos. Want to have my pussy fucked hard while I watch these.
Reply Report

bigdickjohn +2 points1866 days ago

I want to fuck you! Reply Report

biteme +4 points1480 days ago

That was hot Reply Report

Crusher +4 points1258 days ago

These guys have the best job in the world. Make slobbering girls gag on cock all day, make girls cry, cum on the face and pick up your check. What could be better? Reply Report

Anynonmous +4 points925 days ago

I want someone to fuck me like a cheap whore and rape me hard. Degrade me, humiliate me, and force me to beg for your big throbbing cock! I want so badly to have to suck off a stranger and choke down his dick. If you're in the Madison Wisconsin area and looking for a dirty slut to rape, hit me up Reply Report

The_Peeper +3 points1262 days ago

Lovely. That's how all girls and women should be treated. Reply Report
Kik: m1ssyayo

Kik: m1ssyayo +3 points1099 days ago

I wanna be treated like this also. I hope someone recent sees this cause I want someone who's good at violent dirty talk. Girls or guys. I'm a 19 f. Reply Report

funwithsquirrelnuts +3 points717 days ago

This was week. I need something really hardcore. I want the bitch to end up with PTSD and suicidal tendencies after getting force fucked. Reply Report

sally +2 points2183 days ago

i wanna be treated like this Reply Report

scumbag +2 points1907 days ago

Felt like a scumbag after jerking of to this:( Reply Report

girl +14 points1739 days ago

You could do this to me if it's what you like, and feel guilt free Reply Report

Warlord +2 points1676 days ago

AWSOME! Reply Report
a slut to rape

a slut to rape +2 points1067 days ago

This is so fucking hot, I want this to be done to me. It's not just how hard they fuck her throat, making her gag and cry. The slaps, the spits on her face. And the way they talk to her. They humiliate her the most when they seem nice asking about her boyfriend and telling her to suck their cock the way she does it to him. And then just abuse her agian. It is perfect. Reply Report

wishfullsub +2 points661 days ago

I'm "willing". Reply Report

bevington +2 points915 days ago

i would love to do this to someone. Any takers? Reply Report

pandorapestulence +1 points649 days ago

Oh, how I wish I could have been there! What the fuck kind of bullshit was the boyfriend, bleeding heart shit, was that? Chicken shit... I would've kept that shit proper and humiliating! I like it when they cry, choke, gasp, and wiggle... Resistance is so fucking fun to feel under my thighs! Mmmmmmmmmmm. Reply Report
Just another random dude

Just another random dude +1 points498 days ago

Time and time again i jerk off to videos like this and then right when theyre done i feel bad about it. Ya know what though...i came ultra fucking hard Reply Report

ingomat +1 points1011 days ago

This is performed by professionals, not rape - just for amusement Reply Report

k9rapewhore +1 points696 days ago

I love this stuff for REAL call to verify, seven 1 five, 33 zero, nine 9 four two Reply Report
Joe King

Joe King +1 points442 days ago

Is how all girls and women should be treat! Reply Report

dickhear +1 points227 days ago

she needs to be fucked in the ass
Reply Report

FuckMeRelentlessly +1 points130 days ago

Someone graphically describe how they would treat me like this. Don’t hold back. Reply Report

... 0 points2208 days ago

I honestly don't know if this is a real or really good acting :/ Reply Report

KiLo 0 points2205 days ago

her name's Kelly Bryant Reply Report

Bigtitsbaby555 0 points617 days ago

Wow I want a guy to do that to me Reply Report

:-| 0 points1966 days ago

I just wanted to leave a comment Reply Report

Dv 0 points691 days ago

Reply Report

Pete 0 points1893 days ago

Great give us more heaps more and diff girls plezzzz Reply Report
I need a hobby

I need a hobby 0 points746 days ago

This Ian filled up I liked 2 seconds of ir felt uncomfortable and watched in horror. Knowing it is fake still is sickening Reply Report
sissy misty

sissy misty 0 points1591 days ago

I love sucking cock while other women watch me Reply Report
Milf hunter of Michigan

Milf hunter of Michigan 0 points511 days ago

She knew what she was getting into Reply Report

Fr 0 points992 days ago

you are all fucked up sadists here Reply Report
Egyptian queen

Egyptian queen 0 points721 days ago

You should cut it by your teeth let them bleed Reply Report
read this and share!!!!!! share

read this and share!!!!!! share 0 points74 days ago

the girls get paid I'm sure but once they are so far into a scene these disgusting cunts know the girls are very rarely going to say no, at certain points you can tell this is done clearly against her will and does say no at one point at least, honestly hope these guys get what they deserve........... Reply Report

franticwanker 0 points64 days ago

this and share!!!!!! share Fuck off! Reply Report
read this and share!!!!!!

read this and share!!!!!! 0 points74 days ago

this is from facebashed this video is a real rape so it isn't on there website, they basically took advantage of her vulnerable position and god knows how many others, her name is Kelly Bryant! they are nothing but dirty raping paedophiles. SHARE SHARE Reply Report

gothfffffffdd 0 points362 days ago

the cunt cry but it is nothing rough, kinda fagish lol Reply Report

freakygirl69 0 points350 days ago

check oout my videos Reply Report

PervertedLilGirl 0 points321 days ago

Masturbated to this and saved it for future reference. Thanks Reply Report

Kinkycutet-girl 0 points281 days ago

I'm a masochistic whore, I fantasize of being raped and beaten like this. It turns me on so much. Reply Report

PutterButter 0 points259 days ago

All you bitches on here if ya liked and masturbated got some issues. Most girls I hope would have more respect. I'm sick to look but you sluts are a danger to men you get close to Reply Report
Voice of reason

Voice of reason 0 points88 days ago

God bless America, hurry up and shoot each other already Reply Report

HEYYYY!!!!!!!! 0 points78 days ago

Would love to be locked in a room with these three and a baseball bat, id smash every fuckin bone in there bodies, they are all rapist fucking puff boys........ Reply Report

***Princess 0 points112 days ago

Fuck this is so hot! I want this done to me so bad Reply Report

Slut2 0 points100 days ago

I'd like to see a really devoted forced feminization flick that is not bullshit Reply Report

franticwanker 0 points64 days ago

Fuck yeah!!!! This is how a girl must be treated, espacially those 'metoo' whores! Reply Report

Hellarapeshit 0 points61 days ago

I'd love to rape a bitch like this, and I have been eyeing this one lady who really deserves it, I think I might go for it one of these days
Reply Report

Weenis 0 points7 days ago

What Reply Report

Synth86 -1 points2205 days ago

Good ole slap happy Reply Report

pawn -1 points2205 days ago

facialabuse girl Reply Report

C.I.D -1 points1827 days ago

I wanna know there names... NOW Reply Report
not rape

not rape -1 points1642 days ago

this isnt rape this girl signed up for this i've seen the site Reply Report
yeah but

yeah but -1 points1457 days ago

THe question is did she know she was gonna be treated as bad as that when signing up Reply Report
Im Dead

Im Dead -1 points1642 days ago

Im going to kill my self for masturbating to this Reply Report
liberate women

liberate women -1 points917 days ago

lets be real here im all for rough sex and rough porn but honestly it doesnt even need to be rape what the fuck is wrong with you people just find someone whos into being used and abused rather than forcing it on someone who would prefer vanilla sex Reply Report

Fkdaworld -1 points513 days ago

Horrible reported video Reply Report

TheWholeClipPlease -1 points257 days ago

Iwanttoseethewholevid!! Reply Report

Eww -1 points108 days ago

I feel sad now Reply Report

diablo -2 points2032 days ago

Some of these comments shock me. If the little white went in there to make her money, then she can accept the dick that gets shoved down her throat! Live this little whore Reply Report

desade -2 points1077 days ago


WTF -2 points1863 days ago

This is to far, but if she's taking money home for it and wanting to back to it then it's her own fault tbh with you! Reply Report

hmm -9 points1820 days ago

do you seriously think it´s that simple? do you really think women really wants to be treated like this? gaaaaaaah Reply Report
Love this shit but

Love this shit but -2 points1257 days ago

Not an actual rape scene. FaceBashed just has really rough sex Reply Report

pam -2 points1219 days ago

the one on the right is so goofy, Reply Report

anus -3 points818 days ago

anus Reply Report

tony -3 points2205 days ago

any man that would treat a lady like this would do this in real life to a lady and commit a rape.I think its bullshit to treat a lady like this i dont give a shit porn or not.Some1 needs 2 ram their cock in his fucking mouth and slap and spit on him.See if he likes if.Them ram a bgottle up his ass and break the fucker assholes Reply Report

penismuncher -3 points1094 days ago

testing Reply Report
That Pussy Tho

That Pussy Tho -3 points877 days ago

thats fucked up how there treating her its like military school for them Reply Report

mguel -4 points2205 days ago

megustaria que fuera en español Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert -4 points1614 days ago

They didn't even fuck her this video sucks as much as she did Reply Report

violentguylover -4 points1190 days ago

I'm a cross dressing sissy girl and I would like to be treated like that but worse I am a girl who thinks she should be getting her head punched in by guy's lots Reply Report

Mmmm -5 points1846 days ago

Joking Reply Report

н -5 points1773 days ago

в каждом из нас живет животное но не во всех проснется Reply Report

wohh -5 points1692 days ago

Lmao at the comments need to stop watching this shit ahaha Reply Report

president -7 points2204 days ago

They are both ugly muthafuckers. One of em has a bent cock lmao Reply Report

Adrian -8 points1289 days ago

What the fuck??!! Reply Report

Yup -9 points2205 days ago

I hate this kind of disgusting porn. However she did go to be on a site called facial abuse, if she's not smart enough to check out the site first she should have at least taken a hint from the name of it, it's her own fault. Reply Report

??? -11 points2203 days ago

The girl was hot. Noooooo!!!!!! Reply Report
to people bitching

to people bitching -11 points2178 days ago

yall act like women are fucking people. if they want to treat it like that then more power to them. went easy on it if you ask me. Reply Report

Tata -11 points1959 days ago

Do u think she don't wanna walk away? How she gonna fight back with that 2 big pycho guys?
Reply Report

stoner -13 points1963 days ago

lmao at some of the comments i need to stop watching this shit o.o Reply Report
Hey fans

Hey fans -15 points2170 days ago

Hey its me Kelly Bryant this is what I do for a living yes! Its fake:) Reply Report
Anal Thrasher

Anal Thrasher -15 points1737 days ago

I'm glad that its not just me that thinks these bitches should be treated like this. Reply Report

Cocoa<3 -15 points1637 days ago

Lol, half of you guys can't spellXD
Reply Report
Dawid Yisrael

Dawid Yisrael -19 points2040 days ago

kwkwkwk.....who make this video is a sissy!
sick and pity
Reply Report

ass -19 points1969 days ago

mother fuckers stop this violent shittttt u fuck ur own mother like this..oh probably u dn't know who ur mpother is ryt...........assssss fuckerrrrrs.........pansiees Reply Report

gazza -20 points2173 days ago

That was sick poor bitch if thats what she wanted then good luck to her if not then those 2 sick cunts and that wanker camra man all need to be tortured for a long time and any other cunt who enjoys watching this shit Reply Report

NiggerHatinBob -26 points1948 days ago

I thought white men respected woman, and wouldn't do some nigger shit like this to them(white woman) Reply Report

CrackerHatingU +1 points1750 days ago

Guess your wron cracker Reply Report
To all weird fucktards

To all weird fucktards -33 points1647 days ago

Anybody who thinks a woman should be treated like this is a piece of shit. Reply Report

Anon777 -34 points2130 days ago

I find it rather interesting how the human people are able to call something sick and discusting but are still able to actually go to the video. I am not here to exlude myself from this genre of people however, I am a hundred percent aware of how sick and deluded my mind has become in the recent years, corrupted by the things created and the ideas formed by the government and such. Oh p.s. Anonymous hacker. you know nothing of our work whatsoever, we would not lower ourselves just to gain such miniature fame. Continue such falsities and I shall personally tear asunder your banking accounts and similar accounts.

We are anonymous,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us!
Reply Report

Cunt +8 points1885 days ago

Shut the fuck up. Tit. Reply Report
u fucking sick losers!

u fucking sick losers! -38 points2182 days ago

U fucks couldnt get laid in a womans prison with a hand full of pardons! Why dont ya'll go fuck your selfs and each other ya'll would get more pussy that way! Come treat this woman that way ill cut ya'lls balls off and hand em to u!!!! Reply Report

bastards -45 points1834 days ago

I think shit like this is hot with consent and shit, but saying all women should be treated like this is WRONG and whoever thinks that should kill themselves before they ever even think of touching a woman. Reply Report

Tom -47 points1827 days ago

them 2 blokes will have what's coming to them one day.. Seriously who do they think they are .. I'd love to see a women chop there small cocks off and ram it down there own throats .. Death penalty for both Reply Report

jan -48 points1944 days ago

thought men had you rely think this would turn anyone one...fucked up...violent sex like child rape...fucked up...grow up or get locked up Reply Report

ghkdhbx -48 points1860 days ago

I hope this wasn't really rape, kind of hard to watch. Reply Report
fuckin idiots

fuckin idiots -57 points2205 days ago

f u

f u -78 points1937 days ago

this vid was just sad Reply Report

FK YOUUU -81 points1983 days ago

I bet all the "girls" that commented are actually GUYS with sick mental problems. Stop condoning rapist behavior just uz you can't get ass in real life you dumb shits. Reply Report
Elite Boss Cosmo

Elite Boss Cosmo -86 points2033 days ago

Your a fucking sick fucked up person for raping a harmless little girl Reply Report
Some guy

Some guy -91 points2204 days ago

I feel bad for the girl. :( Reply Report
Some girl

Some girl 0 points624 days ago

I feel bad for the guys who need to facefuck that sad little girl Reply Report

uhh -98 points2210 days ago

this is actually terrible... Reply Report

FAKE ! -98 points2205 days ago

FAKE ! Reply Report

pfff -98 points1737 days ago

how the fuck is it legal what those guys are doing .... ive seen 3 vids and its 3 times rape ... if ur letting girls do what they dont wanne do its rape ... even if they signed ... i tought i read somewhere they get 1000 - 2000 dollar for 1 movie 2000 dollar to get raped .... she wil be spending more money on a mental dokter ... how does it come those guys arent beat up or killed anyway ... must be alot of women haters watching this crap .... but a lot those 2 guys haters too .... the place were they shoot this shit isent that big .... shoulden be too hard to rape that fuckard gaylords in the ass Reply Report
i am against this shit

i am against this shit -104 points1730 days ago

Fake fake fake its all bull white I feel a strong hate for people with rape fetishes I know that it's fun to play with your cock but if it was real the feds would be on there ass stop watching this she was a actress payed lots of cash to "gag" pedofiles Reply Report

WTF -106 points2205 days ago

Damn it ... Just damn it this is fucking rape ... Would love to see their reaction if it was their fucking mothers or sisters in that girl's place. This is not porn anymore it's fucking animals and instincts Reply Report

jannybh +133 points1752 days ago

"if it was their fucking mothers or sisters in that girl's place" I´m so grateful for reading my hottest fantasies or desires here. Reply Report

Misanthrope -120 points2033 days ago

Honestly, if you're a father and you think your daughter should be raped, you're a burden on society. Your organs can be used by people who deserve them. Have a nice father's day, cunts. Reply Report

Wow -123 points1797 days ago

muthafukin SHITHOLE of a father you are Reply Report

jannybh +104 points1710 days ago

A father who wouldn´t like this is not normal, has mental problems and needs help to come out with his real desires for his lil slt. Reply Report

jill -158 points1871 days ago

i think this is sick i was raped at 10 and it not a joken matter or entertainment stop rape videos one day it might be one of youer family Reply Report

Homeforloving +62 points1731 days ago

One of my family? I desire it for all members of my family! Reply Report
☀️sunny day

☀️sunny day -129 points1818 days ago

I totally agree with you this isn't funny it's a serious thing and father and dad you guys are horrible people for even saying that special you father for wishing your daughter to get raped woman and human beings to and should be treated as such.
Reply Report

DAD +55 points1825 days ago

boohoo no one fucking cares you probley liked it whore Reply Report

jannybh +121 points1749 days ago

she made me cum Reply Report

bigdickjohn -27 points1866 days ago

You're funny wow, I'm like you Jill, I don't suck dick, but if they were doing me like that, I would make goddam sure I would bite one of their dicksflush with their nuts! Reply Report


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