African Teens Fucking In School Classroom

These teens got to stay at school to do their homework. As you can see that had whole other things planned when the teacher was gone.

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i hate racist

i hate racist +51 points2330 days ago

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nata87 -4 points833 days ago

shes ugly Reply Report
Extinction of the whites

Extinction of the whites +1 points104 days ago

nata87 you're one to talk... Reply Report
Extinction of the whites

Extinction of the whites +1 points104 days ago

nata87 you're one to talk... Reply Report

dicmyass +1 points240 days ago

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Hello baby, drop me your number, one night fuck 0 points59 days ago

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blacknaija +1 points515 days ago

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Non-Member +3 points690 days ago

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YOU are the racist

YOU are the racist -9 points1577 days ago

anti racist = anti white

wbu? looks like your online fapping yourself you fucked up confused selfhating tard:)
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soo.... +6 points2297 days ago

so this is where all that money for schooling goes Reply Report

penisenvy88 +4 points2048 days ago

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sighslol +3 points2249 days ago

this is a school in trinidad i think Reply Report

hamz +2 points1987 days ago

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Non-Member 0 points690 days ago

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The comedian

The comedian +2 points746 days ago

I am surprised no comments like. This is how you get a good grade in school? There is so many funny ways this clip could go and people start to argue that just make me sad :-( Reply Report

Non-Member +1 points2132 days ago

What I want to know is how he's fucking her if his shirt is between her and his penis. Does he have a hole right at his crotch or something? Reply Report

fernandezmill +1 points1236 days ago

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ge 0 points2281 days ago

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KremePie 0 points2068 days ago

This is from the Bahamas just so you know.. Reply Report

Display +6 points1921 days ago

No it's not... It's from my old high school in trinidad Reply Report

niggawitbigdik 0 points246 days ago

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8 1/2storm

8 1/2storm 0 points225 days ago

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freakygirl69 -1 points513 days ago

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borat -7 points2082 days ago

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white ass

white ass -8 points2314 days ago

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Heyyo -12 points2404 days ago

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irish guy

irish guy -13 points2190 days ago

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Extinction of the whites

Extinction of the whites 0 points104 days ago

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Retard +4 points725 days ago

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Toompie -30 points2406 days ago

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LOL -6 points1577 days ago

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Tugra -42 points2405 days ago

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mike -43 points2335 days ago

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