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Her pussy is so tight, only the head of his penis fits in.

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d +124 points2027 days ago

Love the video and love how dirty some of the comments on here are; wish I could hook up with some of these guys so they could pretend they were in their daughters while they were in me ;-) The quietness of the video and how young she looks makes my imagination go wild and makes me wanna watch over and over again. Reply Report

Duane420 -1 points304 days ago

d I would love to be your daddy Reply Report

Jack1997 0 points340 days ago

d you I like Reply Report

jack +77 points2321 days ago

Shes probably like 12 Reply Report
dad here

dad here +17 points2154 days ago

who cares how old she is she wants dick an takeing it like a big girl good vid that cute little thing looks like my daughter very sexy Reply Report
Horny Mom

Horny Mom +16 points1939 days ago

This guy appears to be someone you can trust to fuck your young daughter without hurting her or getting her pregnant. He could fuck my daughter. Reply Report
Big T

Big T +2 points1815 days ago

Really how old u daughter? Reply Report
Horny Mom

Horny Mom +3 points1811 days ago

She's 8 Reply Report

Letshavefun -1 points40 days ago

Mom let's talk and see what happens Reply Report

DAD +5 points1905 days ago

Iam a dad an i 100% agree and would to watch it Reply Report

guy +12 points2153 days ago

love this vido only because she looks like a little older verson of my daughter it great watching her take that dick Reply Report

Yo +9 points2348 days ago

This is funny as hell, it's almost like porn for the deaf it's so quiet Reply Report

gf +8 points2046 days ago

i love it bit younger would be better
Reply Report

guy +8 points2043 days ago

love seeing that dick going into her little body Reply Report

max +6 points2348 days ago

ugly fake fuck Reply Report

Superchicken +6 points2346 days ago

Maybe he's putting it in the wrong hole. Reply Report

vacumcock +6 points2201 days ago

realy good Reply Report

MouthySub +6 points1359 days ago

This video drives me crazy. My pussy is so wet. I used to fantasize about older men forcing me when I was very little. I love how still she lies. She is so sweet and obedient. I want to see her tight ass get penetrated too. Reply Report

0 points40 days ago

lets chat and see what happens Reply Report

xsolo18x +4 points2345 days ago

no fake =S Reply Report

maddog +4 points2050 days ago

how cares she like dick fuck her then Reply Report

GREEN HORNET +4 points1591 days ago

Most of you have missed the point, and it's not just the head of a dick, it's in, but it's to show how to fuck a virgin - a little in at a time -inch byi inch. Reply Report

CPP +3 points622 days ago

Nah. Ram it in there with all your might Reply Report

mkj +3 points2347 days ago

boooring Reply Report

P... +3 points1912 days ago

She is 14 :D Reply Report

dave +3 points1861 days ago

Il blow her little pussy out and send her dad a picture of it Reply Report

maria94 +3 points1493 days ago

wish someone to that this to me soon Reply Report

Letsroleplay 0 points40 days ago

let's chat and see what happens Reply Report

daddy0420 +6 points1477 days ago

I will how old are you Reply Report

Ipshwitz +2 points2127 days ago

I'm not sure if it was in far enough to consider it a defloration. 10/10 she's still a virgin afterwards. Reply Report

dave +2 points1861 days ago

I love to pull big mushroom dick heads out of a young bald pussy followed by a fatt log Reply Report

pasquale +2 points976 days ago

I believe that her young pussy so wet and narrow, I would fuck her without a condom, certainly the first time hurt but she liked it! Reply Report

anon +1 points2284 days ago

Reality is so unrealistic. Reply Report

joseluisarmenta +1 points2216 days ago

hey is bad quality at 3:00 Reply Report

Fuck13 +1 points2125 days ago

how old is she?!! Reply Report

BigT +1 points1815 days ago

She over 18 or they would not be showing her face Reply Report

OMNI15 +1 points990 days ago

Hes pushing rope Reply Report

Pundai +1 points1232 days ago

Fucking fake.She is not younger than 30,even by a day Reply Report

xcitu +1 points1047 days ago

The condom needs to come off so he can cum inside that pretty little pussy. Reply Report

CPP +1 points622 days ago

Her pussy is so tight, only the head of his penis fits in? Bullshit! Anything will get into that tight little cunt with the right amount of force. When he was on top he should have rammed it in with one violent thrust and ripped that little tightie open. She'd scream like hell but it would be hot! Reply Report

Jane123 +1 points74 days ago

Been dying to be fucked like this since I was 10. I'm 13 now, still never had a cock in my pussy. Can anyone here come stretch it open for me? Need an invite to join this site, thay won't let me have an account without an invite... plz help me! <3 <3 <3
Reply Report

Letshavefun 0 points40 days ago

let's chat and see what happens tell me away to get a hold of you email helpmehelpyou601 gmail com Reply Report
qmbxej. r38mci.

qmbxej. r38mci. 0 points1698 days ago

Nice to see Nice Body Reply Report

bigchris 0 points1209 days ago

not as young as she looks, tattoo on her lower back gives it away Reply Report

flora 0 points993 days ago

ball deep at least once. She needs to get ripped and know what a full hard cock feels like her pussy like i did when i got my cherry popped.
Pain was the best thing ever.
tough anal only thing that comes close anymore after though first, hard fucks.
granted if shes only 18+
Reply Report

CPP -1 points622 days ago

Agreed. Nothing hotter than the look on a virgin face and that high pitched girlish cry when her virgin twat is violently ripped open Reply Report
Trooper 69er

Trooper 69er 0 points329 days ago

She may look 12, but that tattoo across the small of her back. Speaks to someone a lot older then she looks. Reply Report
Unknown ooo

Unknown ooo 0 points307 days ago

I found it funny that first father's here would let someone fuck their daughter
Reply Report

Fa 0 points265 days ago

Her dad shouldn't have used a condom! Reply Report

Teenlove 0 points103 days ago

I need more video links like this Reply Report

nko42 0 points14 days ago

she is legal her name LIL CANDY Reply Report

CumIn -1 points1000 days ago

Fuck this shit - he is wearing a rubber! WHY?? Ruins it for me.. Reply Report

aw -2 points1896 days ago

shes 18 google lil candy Reply Report

hh -4 points2304 days ago

she looks 13 Reply Report
reality check

reality check -4 points1907 days ago

I like younger girls but this is too young.....idk if you say late bloomer it looks like a no bloomer atm...and im sorry but he probably was going slow so he didn't hurt himself she could of possibly been enjoying it but im sorry people I rank her at 10-12 tops...and if she is a late bloomer 13-15..and that is consider was probably fke so if they got in trouble they could point it out and try to use that as an age identifier Reply Report

randomdudeontheinternet -20 points2182 days ago

no way in hell she is over 18. probably 15 tops. this should be removed and reported as pedophila Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane -32 points2280 days ago

She have she may have a very short vaginal canal or has stuffed cotton or something up there as an extra barrier against pregnancy. Reply Report

Tiana +1 points406 days ago

cane amusing Reply Report


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