Brutal Subway Rape

Rape scene from the movie Irreversible.

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Women beating is wrong

Women beating is wrong +117 points2249 days ago

I admit I was turned on....until the beating. That disgusted me so much. I know that this is from a movie but violence to women,, in any way/shape/form, etc IS WRONG. Whoever beats women like this deserves to die a slow horrible death (in a hole) and go rot in hell under the lash of satin himself. It's sad, I know a guy named Adam and he mistreats his many girlfriends. One stood up to him an got forced to have sex. She ended up becoming pregnant. I vow to help her (since she broke up with him) and help other women who sadly go through this. Who's with me? Reply Report
Slit who\'re

Slit who\'re +1 points113 days ago

beating is wrong I found the beating was better than the rape Reply Report

Agreement +15 points898 days ago

Im really turned on my rough sex and fake rape seens but not really rape anyway ive never really watched the whole scene because i was aleeady turned on enough but finally watching the end automatically turned me of i dont see how some people could actually find that part the sexiest gitting hit if you're into that fine but completely beating the shit out of the female isnt hot at all Reply Report

BeatingisRight -12 points1092 days ago

Dude that was the best part Reply Report

Allwomen +6 points793 days ago

Your a bitch, Man up Reply Report

Slut69 +1 points238 days ago

I love it want it for me I’d love it Reply Report

Slut69 +2 points238 days ago

I love it want it for me I’d love it Reply Report
Rape is idk

Rape is idk +2 points429 days ago

yo, your comment is 1 yo tomorrow good job buddy
Reply Report

shusuxbd -6 points1149 days ago

But again ur watching a rape scene! Good job there buddy! Reply Report

alright +78 points2029 days ago

Glad I was able to cum before I saw him turn into a cunt when he was finished Reply Report
simple human

simple human +60 points2248 days ago

...the rape scene was hot!....not into the beating though, skipped that part. Reply Report
Z man

Z man -9 points975 days ago

a lot of people including me hated that, if he just left her it would've been fine. If i were her boyfriend I'd forgive the guy for raping ehr Maybe raping her and maybe anally raping her too. but hell no I'd be on a wild hunt for blood for that son of a bitch who beat my girlfriend. Reply Report

Fudgeman +56 points2421 days ago

There is nothing wrong with getting turned on by a rape scene. The beating thing is completely different. But almost everyone is either turned on by the thought, or watching it or has fantasized on purpose or otherwise, about rape. Why? Evolutionary psychology. The same reason most women have some kind of rape fantasy. (btw, that fantasy never includes some stinky, sleezy, homeless guy - usually a man with a powerful personality - kinda like a swashbuckling pirate. - come to think of it pirates are stinky and homeless LOL) I digress. Being turned on by anything is never wrong. Hurting someone else is wrong. Non-consensual activity is wrong hurt or no. We are all hardwired to feel strong urges around power and submission and domination due to the primitive parts of our brains. the same parts that make you want to punch a guy in the face who accidentally bumped you in the bar and spilled your beer on you. its not logical but its animal aggression and instinct. Thats why humans are such conflicted beings (well, the introspective ones at any rate). We have emotions like pity and empathy and yet we have urges to kill and rape that most of us suppress. Just the way it is bitches!! Reply Report
You guys are too stupid to realize

You guys are too stupid to realize +49 points2187 days ago

...that is Monica Bellucci... who has NEVER been raped...

This is extremely good artistic and camera design to convey the experience. Notice the camera is on the ground while she's being raped...single shot, not multiple angles. Notice the length of time he takes with her, fumbling, trying,'s all part of the experience.
Masterful. But disturbing...
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John Doe the artistic

John Doe the artistic +7 points1179 days ago

I must say, I agree! From a cinematographic perspective this is brilliantly done, not to mention the dark lighting and hues. Heck don't even get me started on the acting, that pure emotion and fear - it is really well done. Reply Report

Same. +2 points1221 days ago

The entire time, I kept saying: "Dude. What fucking movie is this? This cinematography is unreal for a place like this." Reply Report

Poophead27 +2 points443 days ago

How do I install Minecraft
Reply Report

Poophead27 +2 points443 days ago

How do I install Minecraft
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anon +42 points2185 days ago

Pseudo rape is one thing, but the beating (fake or not) is a bit much for me... Don't understand what's hot about that, and I enjoy some pretty rough stuff. There's nothing attractive about THAT much physical pain. Fuck. -.- Reply Report
non member

non member +41 points2388 days ago

Did no one else notice the man in the background that walks around the corner, watches a few seconds and turns around? Reply Report

Wow +40 points2408 days ago

My girlfriend once asked me to "rape" her, meaning she wanted me to be fully dominant. I agreed that it would be fun, but after i thought of how i would play it out it felt so wrong. I could never hurt her, even if she begs me to, to protect my own moral values. Seriously guys, i understand it as a fantasy, but please, don't ever try it for real. And certainly dont beat a woman. Reply Report

k +31 points2243 days ago

he pounded that pussy but beatin was not right
Reply Report

YouIdiot +3 points1092 days ago

He fucked her asshole you idiot Reply Report

beastman +3 points1815 days ago

Pardon my French, He was saying that he raped her in the ass... (nice detail) But I agree wiht the point you are making.. Reply Report
Cuban bread

Cuban bread +28 points1599 days ago

As a female I have had rape fantasys since before I could remember. It turns me on but I would never want a stranger to actually "rape me". But it's an oxymoron really. When he fucked her I came in 45 seconds... But the beating scene scared me and brought me back to reality. Reply Report
Loves rape hates raped by stranger

Loves rape hates raped by stranger +2 points1323 days ago

Same! I want my bf to rape me like this but he said I'm too young and a virgin. He said I should have it gentle with him first. Well I agree I know it hurts for the first time. Reply Report

Craig -1 points1594 days ago

Yes...because unlike Autumn you have some self esteem & good sense. Reply Report
Erhm? All I have to say on 'that'...

Erhm? All I have to say on 'that'... +27 points2050 days ago

Just kidding...

I have no clue whether to find that disgustingly horrible sick and vile or to jerk off and feel guilty... the latter im sure most of us have done to this... but gosh, that was... wow, uhm. yeah, pretty heavy... really quite erotic yet incredibly disturbing... shit like this makes me question my mental stability o.O
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blah +26 points2195 days ago

the women on here as well as the men confuse me O.o

There is a difference between rape fantasy and rape. In the fantasy you are in control by default because it is YOUR fantasy. Real rape is not a fantasy--it happens in reality--and it is completely different. Plus, you can never be raped if you enter it willingly, meaning that your rape fantasies aren't really rape--they're about domination. I don't even want to use the phrase "real rape." All rape is real because the victim was unwilling. What most of you (on this site) want is domination although you consented by default. Plus, men, do NOT think that just because some women have these fantasies/desires all women want it. That's NOT the case. And to the ignorant women who say they don't understand why other women get offended because they (personally) find this attractive...dear Lord. Has anyone taught you that women are individuals with different preferences??
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Someone +23 points2184 days ago

This is from a movie called "Irreversible". Great movie. Very graphic Reply Report
Way too much.

Way too much. +21 points1562 days ago

I love a rape fantasy like the next girl, but the beating up part was completely unnecessary. Wow. Ruins the entire video. I feel vile after watching that because you know that somewhere out there, there ARE guys that would do that to a girl. Its fucked up. And ANY guys on here who think this is "hot", to beat a girl up like that, is seriously questionable and MOST LIKELY a psychopath. It's no longer about the fuck. This is about wanting to truly HURT someone. Damn. Reply Report

Yes! +3 points1550 days ago

I completely agree, I know they're arr women out there who get turned on when a guy beats them, I guess that's up to her and if it happens willingly in her own home then fair enough. I have rose fantasies that I haven't yet partaken in, I think things like that are better left to the imagination as the real thing is never how you imagined. I know the video isn't real but if any man OR woman did this to some one for real and against their will they should be hanged! If I saw someone doing this for real then the person would have a plank of wood starigt round their heads! People have a right to say NO! and if they do any person should stop straight away, I'm just glad I have safe words with my partner Reply Report

hatefulsin32 +16 points2112 days ago

I wish i wasnt arroused by this.. Reply Report
rape me

rape me +14 points2451 days ago

this is so hot. i am so fucking wet right now. i wish a man would do this to me. Reply Report
never rape

never rape +14 points2413 days ago

female speaking. I got off to this too but I would never, ever want to be raped...fantasy and reality are totally different. I don't feel guilty for the fantasy but I would feel guilty beyond words if it inspired anyone to rape. Reply Report

jkidd +14 points2376 days ago

She deserves a fucking oscar. Stellar Performance and sexy as hell. Reply Report

fuckmenow +14 points2348 days ago

rape was hot, but beating was not. i love the fantasy aspect of it, and maybe trying it out at home with a partner. but i'm damn sure no woman would get pleasure out of it in reality, even without the beating. its one thing your man role-playing with you, and another stranger(s) push you down and shove their dirty cocks in ur mouth and pussy. Reply Report

hatterslove4alice +14 points2066 days ago

i am a film student, we had to watch this for a class. The whole movie is very uncomfortable to watch with others but is hailed as being one of the most controversia/ genus films of the last 20 years. We also watched secretary. I got so hot knowing how many girls/guys in the room were getting turned on by their 1st bdsm view. I think my Prof. is a Dom who gets his kicks making us watch these 'art' films. Just my opinin. Reply Report

ear 0 points96 days ago

i think your prof is a jew Reply Report
The Rapist

The Rapist +4 points1130 days ago

I would love to rape your asshole, bash your head in and throw you in a dumpster, you silly goose. Reply Report

noobbus +6 points1919 days ago

what school do you go to???? Reply Report
John Miller

John Miller +3 points1125 days ago

Trump University Reply Report

Going2hell +13 points2452 days ago

Is it normal if I actually got off to this? Reply Report

Ariadne +13 points1272 days ago

This is a scene from the French film "Irreversible" directed by Gaspar Noe. The actress who is being anally raped and severely beaten in this scene is Monica Bellucci, the real-life wife of actor Vincent Cassel. Reply Report
no one inparticular

no one inparticular +11 points2373 days ago

i'm a woman and i constantly ask my guy to do stuff like this to me, this is a real turn on, not so much into the beatings though, not my thing. my fella is worried that he will hurt me though, its really frustrating, pain during sex for me is a good thing but he doesn't get it. i don't agree with forcing a woman to do something she doesn't want or being violent, there is a big difference between raping a woman/man for real or acting out a fantasy. this is why safe words exist Reply Report

BACK AGAIN!! +3 points1700 days ago

I love this video! By far the best rape video on here XD, still trying to pursuade my partner to divulge in my fantasy but he still says no, he has got ALOT rougher though haha love it!
Some of the shitty female actors on these videos should takes leaf out of her book!
Reply Report

IRREVERSIBLE +11 points2370 days ago

Thios is FAKE, it's a scene from irrebersible by Gaspar Noe.
AMAZING movie, really original histoty, you defitilymust to see.
Reply Report

La +10 points2174 days ago

What the hell did she stop walking for dumbass I would've said fuck this and left Reply Report

america +9 points2421 days ago

rape fantasy = okay
actual rape = bad
beating a girl to death = bad

Only cowards fight women (except when the woman either throws the first punch), especially defenseless women.
Reply Report

IdiotYou -2 points1092 days ago

He didint "fight" her he beated the shit out of her, you idiot. There is a difference.
Moreover, she wasnt defenseless she tried to run away and tell the cops. So she still had some defense there. She deserved every second of it.
Reply Report

+5 points1045 days ago

"beated" is not a word, dumbass. and how the fuck does someone deserve to be raped and beaten? you're what's wrong with the world today. little stupid twat
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Bullshit. -2 points1929 days ago

"Only cowards fight women (except when the woman either throws the first punch), especially defenseless women."

Reply Report

philaartist +9 points2201 days ago

HOW HOW HOW are some people here asking if this is FAKE ?????!?!?
some people in the world are actually DERRANGED enough to think that a girl would walk around and ...what?...have a camera following her all day in case something happens..and if something she gets raped...everybody ignore the camera and we'll post it on porn sites later.... (???????)
(How does this world FUNCTION when there's That Hih of a Percentage of people who
s Brains Don't Work!!!!!??????)
Reply Report

loveless +9 points2077 days ago

the rape was ok for something fake but i freaked out when he started to beat her up, was that necessary :P Reply Report

gabiltroy +9 points2038 days ago

Really nice rape scene good looking girl. It would have been even better if we could have seen more of her tits and ass. Would have loved to see him take all her clothes with him when he left, leaving her naked in a public place would be a double whammy! Reply Report

gohan +9 points1894 days ago

that guy who walked in on the background hightailed his ass outa there is it wrong for me to think thats funny Reply Report

David +1 points1842 days ago

Perhaps you're laughing because that's how alot of people would react if they walked into this scenario.. I chuckled tbh Reply Report
Horny wet pussy.

Horny wet pussy. +9 points1379 days ago

That was the best stage rape scene I've seen in a long while. We need more like this. Reply Report

pornchick +8 points2447 days ago

Sorry but I cant help but say this got me horny to be fucked -.- Its just a movie people and for a lot of people a rape fantasy is top on the list. Reply Report
Rape Lover

Rape Lover +7 points1864 days ago

By far one of the BEST rape fantasies I've seen...I need a free sight with more scenes like this! Reply Report
rape me

rape me +3 points1738 days ago

Mmmmm i want this done to me so bad Reply Report

asspounder +6 points1530 days ago

most people wouldnt believe how many women love this i dated a woman a few years ago and i did this to her a couple times a week and she got it just like this sometimes alot rougher except the punching, dont know why she loved it but a few times i had 2 freinds join me like we broke in and she was alone, we never used rubbers and she took what we gave her period
Reply Report

jiggy +5 points2449 days ago

She's an actress.. Monica Bellucci and the "rapist" is actually her real-life husband. Reply Report

p999 +1 points1243 days ago

No, her real-life husband was her boyfriend in "irréversible" (Vincent Cassel) and they are divorced since 2013 Reply Report

wow +5 points2423 days ago

Hot until' he beat her :/> Reply Report

alex +1 points1919 days ago

yeah, that was a big turn off Reply Report

Virulent +5 points2202 days ago

LOL at the guy at 5:00. "Oh shit - FUCK NO."

Incredibly hot though.
Reply Report

Pandas +5 points2124 days ago

I thought it was funny how she just stood there I would've kicked his midget ass he's like 4 feet tall Reply Report

Johndoe +5 points2112 days ago

I need to speak with that young mans parents Reply Report

sexy_love19 +5 points2081 days ago

yumm Reply Report

nasty -1 points1989 days ago

i wana do that to u Reply Report

asterion +5 points1867 days ago

I am so fucking hard right now Reply Report
luv 2 suck

luv 2 suck -2 points1848 days ago

I will suck it for u Reply Report
But the face smashing?!

But the face smashing?! +5 points1811 days ago

You don't beat the bitch, you fuck the bitch!
Make her suck your cock and leave her there in tears and spunk!
Don't beat her.. Come on now
Reply Report

pleaserapemehard +5 points1620 days ago

I'm a woman and have had rape fantasies since I was a teenager. I love this video and always Cum before the beating scene. I have seen the whole movie, but when I watch this scene for sexual pleasure I Cum in like 3 mins TOPS. It turns me on sooooo much. Reply Report

me +4 points2446 days ago

**She's an actress.. Monica Bellucci and the "rapist" is actually her real-life husband.
it is not right. the rapist is not her husband in real life. her husband is vincent cassel. he playing in this movie, but not a rapist.
Reply Report

omg +4 points2450 days ago

hot till after he was done. then its bs Reply Report
going to heaven

going to heaven +4 points2392 days ago

WTF! !it turned me on # first but then the beating!! it looks so real, and scared the shitt out of me this is so disgusting this man is a bullie and he has NO CLASS!! such an ASSHOLE!! Reply Report

WTF +4 points2372 days ago

You walk around the corner and see that, but don't ask if you can have a go too, right there you know it's staged. Reply Report

ChiGuy +4 points2308 days ago

That was FUCKING HOT!! Start to finish. Reply Report

jamiee +4 points2302 days ago

wow i would of whiped out my cock a cum all over her watching her getting fucked Reply Report

sallymay -2 points1956 days ago

My cunt just started dripping when I read this Reply Report
an18 yrold

an18 yrold -1 points1813 days ago

i want to fuck u now ur making me horny
Reply Report

igor +4 points2103 days ago

the best rape scene Reply Report

beckysbad +4 points1199 days ago

My idea of a perfect night out, and the beating was extra hot too:)

One of my all time favourite movie scenes.
Reply Report
E. Normus Johnson

E. Normus Johnson 0 points1076 days ago

I would love to ass rape you. Reply Report

drafo +3 points2309 days ago

if she had a gun this wouldnt have happened Reply Report

Kellyanne +1 points929 days ago

If she had a gun, he would have used its barrel to rape her rectum. Reply Report

whoredoutkittenluxxy 0 points1096 days ago

What are you? A Republican? Reply Report
John Egbert

John Egbert +3 points1865 days ago

im really glad to see that people know the difference between a rape fantasy and actual rape Reply Report
Even if I say

Even if I say +3 points2228 days ago

IF anything, this is a very educational video. Women, don't go down dark and abandoned subways. Reply Report

Wtf +18 points1863 days ago

Or men: Don't rape women in a dark and abandoned subway Reply Report
Heavy-R +3 points2021 days ago

This one of the most beautiful/Brutal rape scenes to date.... Reply Report
fuck yes

fuck yes +3 points1993 days ago

thats what i call a rape scene Reply Report

jx +3 points1963 days ago

Fucking love what happens to her. . Makes me feel good inside.. i am one sick fuck ha ha Reply Report

Gemini +2 points2368 days ago

Hot video! Reply Report

CrackerJacked +2 points2380 days ago

Its pretty hot. I would love it if my man dominated me like that. Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane +2 points2345 days ago

There are a lot of strong scenes in theatrical releases. In fact, quite often when the movie comes out on video it has been edited from theatrical release, as is the case with this movie in which the theatrical release version was even stronger and more prolonged, believe it or not, with her on her hands and knees for quite a while. Versions of the movie Blue Velvet now available have been edited from the original release also; for example the famous gas inhaling rape scene was originally more prolonged, more violent and more POV (from her point of view). I actually think that Blue Velvet scene in its original version was the most disturbing of this type that I've seen in movies because of its combination of verbal abuse, physical abuse, and rape at the same time combined with shots from her POV all up on the big screen larger than life. The movie The War Zone has a very realistic anal rape scene of a teenage girl by her father, which is witnessed by her younger teenage brother. Actor Tim Roth directed the movie (his first). And the original I Spit On Your Grave (1978) had several very realistic rape scenes. Reply Report
oh yeah!

oh yeah! +2 points2288 days ago

holy shit fuckin hot from start to finish Reply Report

jessicaM +2 points2204 days ago

Would love to be shoved over and fucked like this by a stranger, oh yeah just fuck hard make me squeal is hot i get wet pretending to be her XX Reply Report

girldick 0 points1863 days ago

Where do you live? Reply Report

Nicola +2 points2164 days ago

Works for me every time! Reply Report
Piece of crap

Piece of crap +2 points2048 days ago

this is fucking sick, beating a woman like this
Reply Report

20yearoldCanadianGirl +2 points1590 days ago

I would love to act out a scene like this with somebody if anyone is interested.. ;) Sooo turned on. Reply Report
your ass is mine

your ass is mine 0 points1508 days ago

love to act out a scene like this with you where you wear a sexy slinky satin dress and I like to lube my cock super slipery hold you down and give it to you in your ass and own it Reply Report
Major Woody

Major Woody +2 points1758 days ago

I'd love to bang my two sister in laws up the butt this way! :-D Reply Report

TeenKitty +2 points1503 days ago

I wish someone would rape me like that Reply Report

BrokeBackCuntin +2 points1294 days ago

First time I've ever came twice in 1 minute.. A brutal rape scene and getting a beating.. #perfection Reply Report

Hafe +1 points2449 days ago

rape me: i agree with wtf. your a little fucked if you want your head smashed agaisnt concrete. but if thats a fetish of yours i guess i cant say your wrong lol Reply Report

ADMIN +1 points2449 days ago

I understand the point of view from a girl who likes it rough, the rape fantasy is a very common thing, but I think if a girl was to get rape, the amount of pleasure she would get would probably very little compared to the emotional trauma. Even for guys fantasizing about having sex in a certain way, it is never as good as your fantasy. "rape me" just ask your boyfriend or whatever to have forceful sex with you, very dominant, or even a fictional rape scene with the both of you. See how you like it. Though I think you may just be a troll pretending to be a woman. Reply Report

wtf +1 points2450 days ago

You want some one to rape you and then beat you to death you seem abit fucked up.
Reply Report

Damn.... +1 points2367 days ago

Was a turn on at first but the beating shit was a complete turn off. I did have a rape fantasy I wanted to ACT out with my husband one day but NOT ANY LONGER! To see what actually goes on during a rape is so sad and disgusting and is nothing to fantasize about. Women actually go through these things unwillingly and we're sitting here fantasizing about it? This is so wrong. I can still fantasize about rough sex though:-). Reply Report

w +1 points2209 days ago

rape scene from the movie lip stick is hot very good rape movie all so the movie kids has a good rape scene Reply Report

rapemylatinapussy +1 points1794 days ago

Its so hot making my pussy cum so hard love it Reply Report

mconn +1 points1748 days ago

seeing this makes me feel excited but has anybody got links to better stuff? Reply Report

fatfuckfrank +1 points1766 days ago

I find it interesting that its females who generally like this, where as males want to kill the guy Reply Report

Fay +1 points1327 days ago

I'm a 22 year old girl from Manchester and this made me so fucking horny it's untrue. I always daydream about things like this, never happened yet though :/ I know it's a bit twisted but I even like the beating part. A man having that much power and control (and for him to enjoy it) over me just excites me so much Reply Report

wtf 0 points2451 days ago

its from movie right? Reply Report
non member

non member 0 points2449 days ago

it was sort of interesting until he started with the dumb faces-then it got boring fast
hope this is not real:(
Reply Report

superxcreep 0 points2449 days ago

The movie is called Irreversible; I was watching a special on IFC and they covered it. Supposedly every woman who saw it's debut at the (Cannes?)Film Festival walked out during this scene, so of course I had to see it for myself to see what all the hubbub was about.... Reply Report

Dude 0 points2448 days ago

in the movie she is pregnant at the time Reply Report

cum4me 0 points2450 days ago

what movie is this from? Reply Report

kyra 0 points2429 days ago

wow! are there any more free sites, where i can watch hardcore rape videos? Reply Report
non -member92

non -member92 0 points2396 days ago

does the women die in the end of the clip Reply Report

justme 0 points2417 days ago

The film is called irreversible, it's shot backwards so you so the ending at the start etc. The club killling scene is fake too. Reply Report

yikes 0 points2411 days ago

one of the best living female body in the world.. he could have done a better rape.. sad movie.. in the movie, the rapist walks. Reply Report

Wow 0 points2408 days ago

Its a bit too hardcore for me. ._. Reply Report

little7sister 0 points2376 days ago

Very nice Video Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane 0 points2363 days ago

I saw this in the theater when it first came out and believe it or, not this is an edited version of the original scene, which went on even longer and with her on her hands and knees with him behind her for what seemed like an interminable length of time; also, there may have been even more graphic shots of him beating her or bashing your head in. Reply Report

JustWow 0 points2355 days ago

It wasn't arousing really but toward the end it got overly excessive and I felt sorry for the girl. Reply Report
Mister xxx

Mister xxx 0 points2308 days ago

Can find other rape porn movie at rapepornvideo com Reply Report

Doomsday 0 points2101 days ago

I really wanna KILL this dude!!! Reply Report

Eh 0 points2174 days ago

Im scared French dudes now Or Italian whatever he was
Reply Report

roughriderx 0 points2137 days ago

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Reply Report
Nancy Cunt

Nancy Cunt 0 points2065 days ago

Im a gay crossdresser and I love to get fucked like that......................... Reply Report

jordyfaux 0 points2056 days ago

This is actually from a movie haha Reply Report

HANDSOME STUD 0 points1861 days ago


FucktheAssTurtle 0 points1889 days ago

Wow these comments are so fucked up I guess Im going go for a piss on my screen now Reply Report

nope 0 points1885 days ago

If i saw that i will kill that guy, stupid idiot Reply Report

Tuco +4 points1870 days ago

It`s from the movie "Irreversible". That`s Monica Belluci. Reply Report

RapeWatcher +1 points1556 days ago

That IS Monica Bellucci in the movie "Irreversible". Wish there were more vids like this one! Reply Report

Wow 0 points1875 days ago

Nice piece i like rape fantasies but i would never do it to my gf Reply Report

Really? 0 points1835 days ago

I would!! yours that is eyy'
Reply Report

PatrickP 0 points460 days ago

Thanks for this !! Reply Report

PatrickP 0 points460 days ago

Thanks Reply Report

Nicht-Mitglied 0 points1848 days ago

lol was da alles abgeht Reply Report

Damn 0 points1835 days ago

You know she loved it, bitches love a bit of tlc like that Reply Report

Bacon 0 points1712 days ago

Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon...................................................................................................... Reply Report

gohan 0 points1779 days ago

everyone wouldve handled the situation differently i personally if i walked in on him beating her i wouldve called up chuck norris and bruce lee (from the dead) 4 or 5 of my buddies and that guys mama to watch as we all just kick the shit out of him and i would video it and put it on you as "worlds biggest ass woopin ever seen by man" but thats just me and i wouldnt get in trouble with the law cause i wouldve explained everything to em and theyd probably join in the beat down if i told them that he was planning on doing the same thing to theyre daughters oh shit the iron fist of a pissed off father.........i babble too much im sorry Reply Report

bill 0 points1703 days ago

why would a camera guy be there if it was real Reply Report

mike 0 points1767 days ago

its a movie Reply Report

______ 0 points1547 days ago

At 4:55 a man walks by in the background and then turns around and gets the hell out of there. Reply Report

Lol 0 points1496 days ago

Thanks for that! Made this worth watching. Dude was like.... Dafuq? I'm out! Reply Report

Juliet 0 points1225 days ago

i couldn't even make it halfway through.... Reply Report

0 points1506 days ago

OMG, I wish I was her. Minus the punches and the beating of course, but the rape makes me fucking cum within seconds... Reply Report

BitchNobber 0 points1444 days ago

fuck me thats alot of comments Reply Report

Hornycunt 0 points1483 days ago

i want my daddy to do this to me! Reply Report

PatrickP 0 points460 days ago

Good JOB Reply Report

PatrickP 0 points460 days ago

HolY MoLy Reply Report

Analover 0 points1387 days ago

On her way home, Alex sees a pimp called "Le Tenia" ("The Tapeworm") (Jo Prestia) beating a transsexual prostitute named Concha (Jaramillo) in a pedestrian underpass. Once the man sees Alex, he releases Concha and turns his attention to Alex, who attempts to flee, but Le Tenia catches her and threatens her with a knife. Le Tenia pins Alex to the ground and anally rapes her for several minutes of screentime, after which he brutally beats her into unconsciousness.

Anal rape, I am loving this scene even more, except for the beating part, do give a shoutout if someone uploaded a scene without the beatings.
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I don't know man

I don't know man 0 points1379 days ago

At first i though it was hot. But the beating, not so much. I know it's fake, but still. It was a bit extreme. By the way, what was that man doing in the background?? Lol Reply Report

lilith10 0 points796 days ago

I want to be her so bad sometimes, but I simply cannot stomach the ending. I don't like content like that. Reply Report

buzz 0 points1315 days ago

i have this movie complete with english subs. Reply Report
deez nutz

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that was crazy lol Reply Report

psychotic 0 points1305 days ago

according to the comments, brutal rape, is fine and something to jerk it to, but non-sexual violence is the nastiest, most disgusting thing ever?
im happy to see im not the only psychopath that lurks here, but damn people, you know the rape is the part thats damaging right? those bruises would heal. that bitch has that memory of being raped forever. thats severely emotionally damaging. she will never be the same. that is so fucking hot. i want to break someone.
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bitch4use 0 points1289 days ago

The beginning is good, the ending is great, you can tell she's getting raped, but you don't see anything.At the end, she has a great ass in the air. I like to see the fucking too. Reply Report

hot 0 points1276 days ago

Hot! and the beating too! Reply Report

mrcj5150 0 points1272 days ago

Excellent movie titled "Irreversible"...Monica Beluchi is the woman in this scene! Reply Report
Stimulus toilet

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That better have been fake ...... Reply Report

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2vvvv Reply Report

Gushy 0 points411 days ago

I want some 1 with 10+inches to do me like this...minus the beating. Just use and abuse my holes as u see fit. Reply Report

TheDarkTyrant 0 points1143 days ago

He should have tied her up and raped her. I'm just saying, because I am into snuff rape porn and all of that. Reply Report
His Little Slut

His Little Slut 0 points1138 days ago

My pussy is dripping now. I wish this would happen to me Reply Report

freerapeslut 0 points1119 days ago

I want to be raped in an alley and pissed on Reply Report

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This is probably one of the best fake rapes I've ever seen. Ever since I was a young girl I've wanted something like this done to me and just the idea makes me so wet. Reply Report
Dr. Finger Blast

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When I shove my finger down my penis, this is great to watch while doing it, give it a try. Reply Report

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Fuck yes this is the hottest videos of all times! Reply Report

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5:02 how well I mind my own business Reply Report
joe jizz

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i wished he fondled her more.
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DickJohn 0 points1051 days ago

AHAHAHAHAHA, you all are a bunch of hypersensitive faggots. You get all hot and bothered over a rape video, but then you BAWWWWWWWWWW when he beats her? Gimme a break, you wouldn't be crying if it was a man getting beaten, so why do you get all asspained when it's a woman? LOL. Reply Report

shujinkomk 0 points1037 days ago

The hottest video I've seen in my entire life. Reply Report

savina 0 points1032 days ago

this is my all time fav one i just wish it showed more skin Reply Report
Ronald Triumph

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Make sure it is fake otherwise I would be pissed of Reply Report

S.J. 0 points964 days ago

That was so hot. I cum so hard to that. I loved how he finished and cum deep inside of her pussy. Reply Report

Rapemeplease92 0 points957 days ago

Omg I need this doing to me Reply Report
Still hot af

Still hot af 0 points801 days ago

Savage Reply Report

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If u want to watch the whole movie it's called irreversible Reply Report

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This shit is fucked up Reply Report
Major Woody

Major Woody 0 points937 days ago

I'd love to pump and hump my two sister in-laws like this some day. Their mom too if she's nice. Reply Report

Ashamed 0 points915 days ago

I hate that I get so turned on by this... I feel wrong and dirty, and I hope so much my girlfriend doesn't find out I like this. Obviously I came before the beating, and that was an obvious turn off. I'd never lay a finger on my girl. Reply Report

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Argosin 0 points756 days ago

Each passing day i find these rape videos more and more boring and stupid.I understand you tie a girl and fuck her and thats what i find hot but to actualy beat women like that is just wtf man who get turned on by that bullshit!! Reply Report
Sammy\'s bb

Sammy\'s bb 0 points673 days ago

I'd love to ACTUALLY be raped. My bb wont do it tho ;( Reply Report
Danny boo

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I would love to play rape role hit me up in fb Danny boo I'm the black girl wit red hair Reply Report

Anonymous2785 0 points723 days ago

My only question is why is she coughing near the end? I mean it's not like he forced her to swallow his cum. Unless he shot his load so far up her ass it reached the back of her throat. That's the only explanation I can think of. Lol Reply Report

Varg 0 points682 days ago

Damn dude. Reply Report

Arla 0 points679 days ago

What a fucking pig. Reply Report

WhoCares 0 points633 days ago

It would've been better if in the end she stabbed him 500 times with his own knife, but that's just my opinion. Reply Report
Abdi Hamman

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Well disorved, walking around dressed like a whore! Reply Report

fuckher 0 points586 days ago

OMG!!! Reply Report

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I just LOVE it, viva la France ;) Reply Report

sheliai 0 points547 days ago


CPPHBP 0 points539 days ago

The rape was hot, but the beating sucked. Loved the look on her face and the way she squealed as he split her ass open and rammed it without mercy. Reply Report

servio 0 points537 days ago

heck just rubbing monicas ass and grabbing her boobs would have made me happy man
i would love to be the actor on top of her
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she wants it

she wants it 0 points520 days ago

My wife wants me to set up a situation like this. Anyone wanna hel me rape my wife she so wants it Reply Report

Xxxcurious 0 points498 days ago

Why does every video show woman struggle then calm right down once cock is in? Reply Report

duh 0 points497 days ago

I understand this is a movie, nothing wrong with having rape fantasies. What I don't understand is the HUGE amount of dudes in the comments who enjoyed the rape and not the beating. Ive read dozens of comments saying that beating a woman is "real" violence and therefore not okay. Newsflash, guys: rape is real violence. Rape is far more traumatic than being beat up. And FYI, most rapes including beating like that because rape IS violence. Again, I understand this is fantasy! But I don't think many of the men and women watching this understand that most rape isn't friendly, it is violent. Also, to everyone saying that you feel bad because this "probably" is happening "somewhere" well newsflash #2: it is definitely happening everywhere, most likely to at least one person you know. Enjoy whatever porn you want but don't be misinformed and stupid about it. Raping a girl is just as bad if not worse than beating one up, for all the dumb ass men in the comments who seem to think raping a woman is "ok" as long as you don't beat her up. Reply Report

Txjuicey 0 points491 days ago

I think about this happening to me when I'm walking home alone at night...scary...but...kinda sexy...gets me hot...if he hurt me w his c ock that would b the best Reply Report
Never McGee

Never McGee 0 points483 days ago

The end was the best. Reply Report

aphrodite__ 0 points456 days ago

This is so hot. It never fail to make me cum. Reply Report

Lilo 0 points454 days ago

5:03 there's is a man with a bat or a blunt object in his right hand bit a few seconds later he leaves poof gone Reply Report
Hunter Don

Hunter Don 0 points400 days ago

If you dont like the video dont come to it why are you here if you disagree just to put people down for their fetishes everyone has weird and fucked up too Reply Report

MasochisticShit 0 points336 days ago

Hey, if i had someone to beat me like that id be hella there. All this shit about "dont hit a woman" bitch, i am a woman and i love this. So fuck most of y'all Reply Report

0 points281 days ago

i can't really get it, how can someone say:"ehy dude, the raping scene is ok, but the final beating... no way"? Rape is violence just like the beating. If it doesn't leave sign on your skin doesn't mean it can't hurt. it hurts a lot, on your body and in your soul. all kind of violence hurts. until we can't get that rape is violence (like beating or murder) we won't be able to eradicate this plague. anyway well played scene. Reply Report

Asssniffer 0 points169 days ago

Should have sniffed her stinky butt while hitting hard Reply Report

solfwolf 0 points100 days ago

u seen this punk ass dude in the back ground gonna not help her but turn around Reply Report

Imurbitch 0 points135 days ago

I enjoy a good slap, spanking,or choking but when you start to beat the shit out of someone it’s kinda a turn off...especially because if that was real she wouldn’t have wanted to be done like that. I know it’s just a movie but still (also I’m not hating on anyone’s bdsm fetish cuz if you like that shit you do you boo but I just didn’t like it when he got really violent Reply Report
Prince Remy

Prince Remy 0 points88 days ago

Having seen this to the end. I felt horrified to the brutality of any man beating up a women in any circumstances. I think that’s not a man but a demonic demon beast from hell. Anyone watching this type of scene and not feeling sick to the stomach about it, I find that more horrific. The sex being it rough or force should indicate that it’s within a pressure of force not harming the women to a degree of serious bodily harm, thou it looks like it’s brutally painful on screen. Sex should be pleasurably in pain if one was to want more excitement but not condoning tourture or serious pain. Please support womens dignity. Reply Report
I love rape

I love rape 0 points14 days ago

The rape was amazing, but he went to far beating her at the end! Reply Report

nash -1 points2388 days ago

rapping the bitch is one thing but but stuff like the vilence is sick and taking it to fare
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RTF -1 points2347 days ago

The whole way through I was like fuck yes this is hot and then at the end I almost puked thats disgusting, not art in any way. I cannot believe this was allowed to be shown in theaters. Real violence toward women is Totally disgusting!!! Reply Report
That one comment

That one comment -1 points2192 days ago

Hi Reply Report

:/ -1 points2124 days ago

Wow this autumn person had a lot to say no wonder it's the heaviest comment people didn't wanna read all that shit and gave u a thumbs up way to go Reply Report

ShitONthedeadarse -1 points1889 days ago

I wanted him to shite on his mumz face and eat it Reply Report

LilDurk -1 points1431 days ago

Its not showing up, its all black Reply Report

Marcy -1 points1770 days ago

Rape scene was perfect, very sexy and definitely got me turned on but I couldn't watch much after that it was way to horrible!!! snuff is definitely NOT FOR ME!! Reply Report

Blaged -1 points654 days ago

Well, she was dressed like a whore so..... Reply Report
The Ancient One

The Ancient One -1 points1146 days ago

I would kill the guy ass hole like that need there dick cut off and handed to them Reply Report

Unknown123 -1 points1117 days ago

Ddue in backround like 05:09 could help her atleast what a scumbag coward. Reply Report

HeShould\'veKeptHer -1 points896 days ago

she's no use to you broken, keep women and be sweet to them Reply Report

nineteen -1 points945 days ago

Je pense que si ça m'arrivait ça me déplairait pas.. Reply Report
Daddys slut

Daddys slut -1 points1033 days ago

I want this <3 Reply Report
At least I\'m honest

At least I\'m honest -1 points696 days ago

Is it bad that I came during the beating? The whole thing was hot but the noises a woman makes combined with the complete domination really turns me on. By the way that's rhetorical I know it's bad but I'm not about to start telling a therapist about it Reply Report
Jack Daniel

Jack Daniel -1 points644 days ago

I'm edging my dick during the rape and when he kicks her body I shot my semen. What a great scene. Reply Report

Krissys1990 -1 points544 days ago

Why does this turn me on? I must have something wrong with me is what I think, but to be controlled like that turns me on minus getting punched. Reply Report
John roberts

John roberts -1 points113 days ago

After the beating he should have stabbed her a couple of times,then cut her face.I didn't cum until the beating. Reply Report
Dum ass

Dum ass -2 points2447 days ago

Stupid people Reply Report

Disgusted -2 points2136 days ago

What the fuck is wrong with you people. Reply Report

ugh -2 points2162 days ago

I literally feel nauseous watching this. I feel so sick and my eyes can't unsee this. I feel like I am going to vomit. Why is this here??? Reply Report

Non-Member -2 points2136 days ago

what the fuck is wrong with you people? Reply Report

-_- -2 points2135 days ago

I have a better idea autumn shut the fuck up everyone else watch the damn vide and shut it thank u Reply Report
Fucked up

Fucked up -2 points1914 days ago

This is so fucked up I hope that the devil does that to that guy... Reply Report
Rape Lover

Rape Lover +9 points1864 days ago

Ummmmmmm if its so fucked up why are you viewing it anyways? ...The title clearly says BRUTAL SBWAY RAPE....My husband and I role play all the time and I love when he "rapes me" the best feeling in the world is to have someone have complete control over you and then please your body in soooooo many ways! Reply Report

kyboyready -2 points1461 days ago

Damn this dude ducks the he'll out of her. Anyone wanna talk Reply Report
John roberts

John roberts -2 points113 days ago

After the beating he should have stabbed her a couple of times,then cut her face.I didn't cum until the beating. Reply Report

noone -3 points2449 days ago

I really hope this is fake. Reply Report
Kill all rapists

Kill all rapists -3 points2420 days ago

Excuse my spelling in my prior comment. I was just so fucking pissed off. I HATE ABUSE TOWARDS WOMEN!!! You cowardly bastards but the thing that puzzles me is how can any woman want to take part in videos like this. I don't understand it. Simply mind boggling to me. Reply Report

idk -3 points2416 days ago

wait so she was pregnant after he raped her or she was already pregnant? Reply Report

JohnJohn -3 points2389 days ago

this is just fucked up, and a total disgrace. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. its totally wrong in my opinion.. Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane -3 points2363 days ago

This is stupid; in correcting the punctuation and grammar errors in my previous post, I made another error by repeating the word "head" twice. Sorry, I must be tired, and I'm not catching all the errors in the dictation program that I'm using. Reply Report

Sweetie -3 points2305 days ago

This is not right anymore ( Rape is never right by the way) But this just goes to far... the beating... that he don't even runs away because he knows she's to weak and hurt to get up after the rape.. Thats sick. He don't even feels guilty at all... Reply Report

Lewandowsky -3 points2237 days ago

Kill this fucking animal... Reply Report

potato -3 points2211 days ago

I liked it when he kicked her, not so much the punches. Reply Report
Eddy Verizon CWA 1109 Brooklyn, NY

Eddy Verizon CWA 1109 Brooklyn, NY -3 points2143 days ago

To: AutumnCapulet. If only this were real and this had happened to you and the other Brooklyn, CWA 1109 Union scanks at 395 Flatbush Avenue who anonymously and erroneously went to the outside source to rob a man of his money, job, dignity and good work. You in turn had rob society of a dignified hard working member of society. Good luck. Reply Report

hunter -3 points1851 days ago

i wana fuck this guy with the biggist dildo u can find then fuck his face up Reply Report

techpriest35 -3 points1747 days ago

AutumnCapulet is a dumb whore its not rape if you like it or want it its just rough sex at that point your man cant rape you if you want or agree to the sex cause rape is defined as sexual acts that are done to a minor or to an unwilling person Reply Report

mike -3 points1703 days ago

its a movie and nobody walks around with her tit showing like that at night she would have a coat on Reply Report

Ihatewomen -3 points1081 days ago

Personally I would give anything to do this to a bitch. You guys are such candyasses. I loved it when he beat the fuck out of her. Soooooo many women deserve this. Maybe you fuckers haven't been put through the shit I have with girls so you need to fuck off. I ever get chance to do this trust me I'm doing it. So go ahead pussies keep letting women walk all over you. You all think you are better than me? Yeah don't think so. You guys are just cowards. Sad to see there is no other guy like me out there. All men today are so whipped. Women need taught a lesson. They caused me to be this way so hey. Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane -4 points2363 days ago

I'm really annoyed at my editing errors in the previous post: the first comma should be after the next word, "not", and toward the end it should be "bashing 'her' head head in". Reply Report

really +1 points1940 days ago

What the fuck man?nobody's on top of punch.. and grammar here.
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superxcreep -4 points2343 days ago

Fucking Epic how many of you said it was hot/you were turned on until it got to the beating! LMFAO, as if getting anally raped is all that much better!!! :))) Reply Report
Unicorn sex

Unicorn sex -4 points2192 days ago

. -. Shove a Jerble up your ass threw a tube~ ew ew ew ew FAG U SHAVED Reply Report
E. Normus Johnson

E. Normus Johnson -4 points1076 days ago

Bitch got what she deserved, dress like a whore get treated like a whore. Reply Report

JS -6 points2452 days ago

Thats bullshit,thats too heavy for me Reply Report

tithunter69 -6 points2454 days ago

wow im going to hell for watching this he should be shot this is wrong.
Reply Report

Ruth -6 points2448 days ago

This is utterly disgusting Reply Report

scared -6 points2370 days ago

how could any man do this to a woman?? i know this is probebly not real but realy? who would get plesure out of watching this? this is sick and sadistic. i'm not gonna lie i love kinky sex but this is too much. when it comes to raping an inocent women that didn't ask for any of this it's just fucked up. but really, i just want to know what goes through rapists minds when they do this!!! Reply Report

hailie -6 points2360 days ago

I was raped. And I make myself feel worse watching this. Reply Report
Marshall Teach

Marshall Teach -7 points2352 days ago

Rape: a crime that should be punished by the death of the rapist and their family. Reply Report

Ewe -8 points2401 days ago

WTF!!! He dunt want killing he wants putting in prison n let them watch this vid n let them decide. Reply Report
Yo Broo1

Yo Broo1 -8 points2380 days ago

Is this actually real? Reply Report
The lovely Kim

The lovely Kim -8 points2319 days ago

Did she die in this vid or just really hurt ? Reply Report

beastman 0 points1815 days ago

If I'm remambering it well, she died...
But it is comforting to know that at the end of the movie (exually the biginning) the sick fucker gets his brain smached in, with a fire-extingwuisher
Verry hadcore movie, a recommender..
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Syd +4 points1484 days ago

No, actually, he didn't. The two guys were misdirected and beat someone else to death with the fire extinguisher while he stood off to the side and watched. The rapist got away with it. Reply Report

nasty19 -8 points2085 days ago

This is so gross! i wanted to vomit! :( Reply Report
I like rape fantasies too but....

I like rape fantasies too but.... -9 points2036 days ago

This shit was fucking sick. And scary as FUCKING HELL. I didn't think it would be that bad when I read the comments. I thought I was gonna be on that Autumn persons side but... No. Just no. Reply Report

Girasol93 +6 points1918 days ago

clearly you don't belong in the Hr community XD Reply Report

ajj5414 -10 points2142 days ago

that shit turns my stomach man, girls need to understand that the men who get off on raping chics and doin sick shit to are guys who are popular and the guys the are rich mostly because they've become bored of casual sex and if they get a chance alone wiv y'as they will rape you. me personally could never do that shit sik stuff raping ewww eww i prefer to vigilante womens justice myself and throw a big of genetial sccarring in for freee xxxxxx love u alll PEACE
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murdergirl -11 points2164 days ago

My favorite part was the end when he punched her so many times and so hard the blood splattered on the ground! <3 its sooooo romantic I wish my fiancé would beat the fuck out of me like that <3 Reply Report
dat niggaquay

dat niggaquay -11 points2098 days ago

fucked up person get off on sum shit like dis Reply Report

MrOPPORTUNITY -11 points1501 days ago

Please share addresses of women who live alone in the So. Cal area to be victimized :-) thank you Reply Report

KaneKay -12 points2279 days ago

I was really aroused by this. The beating and everything is something that rapists do and what I expected when I watched. Maybe I'm a rapist at heart. Reply Report

rapeall -12 points2248 days ago

i doing this real i love it. fuck all bitches all girls all whore Reply Report

non-member -12 points2093 days ago

stupid cunt Reply Report
Kill all rapists

Kill all rapists -13 points2420 days ago

What a piece of shit asshole and to hell with the people who made this video. Yes I watched it but it dies nothing for me. How can any normal human being get turned on by this fucking woman abuse crap. To hell with you fucking badtards. You should all be shot. You fucking asdholes. Reply Report

niceguy93 -13 points1698 days ago

Think this video is sick... your a bunch of freaks Reply Report -15 points2319 days ago

More fake Hollywood garbage ~rolls eyes~ Reply Report

Syd +3 points1484 days ago

Uh no, this was a French film. Reply Report

........ -17 points2090 days ago

This should be banded
Reply Report

BORING -18 points2138 days ago

seriously lame the only part I could enjoy was where she got beat the fuck up kicked around punched and had her head smashed into the pavement, he shouldve fucked her ass while doing that or something or atleast ripped her shirt off so we saw her titties bounce as she got nearly killed, this is too boring. Reply Report

MrOPPORTUNITY -18 points1501 days ago

Wow, I really like the last part of this clip, he put a good beating to that bitch Lol I like the kick to the face, it looked real. As an admitted rapist and abuser myself, I can testify to the pleasure you get from kicking the shit out of some drunk bitch you just fucked. I like to hog tie and gag them when Im done with em and drop them off somewhere fucked up like a freeway underpass or somewhere were homeless or shitheads can find her. I just leave fate in their hands. I never see anything in the paper though Reply Report
Rapist on tour

Rapist on tour 0 points113 days ago

I like to cut my victims Reply Report
Rapist on tour

Rapist on tour 0 points113 days ago

Reply Report

gabiltroy +1 points1154 days ago

Hope you take all their clothes. Much better if they're tied and helpless it makes it so much better if they're naked too. Reply Report
Rot in Hell

Rot in Hell +3 points1319 days ago

You disgusting monster. Reply Report

. +3 points1403 days ago

fuck i wish you lived near me Reply Report

-50 -21 points2315 days ago

who ever made this is fucked in the head i should be hang Reply Report
depraved guy

depraved guy -31 points2133 days ago

im gonna do this to my sister i hope she dies Reply Report
Go ahead

Go ahead -3 points1506 days ago

Do it. Send me pics. :* Wish I was your sister. Reply Report

YouSickerFuck +3 points1807 days ago

Now you're crossing the line Reply Report
Jill 43yrs old

Jill 43yrs old -46 points2330 days ago

I wish 6 big guys would do the same thing to this guy. This video sucks and should be outlawed from the internet. This is not arousal, its sickining. There is nothing stimulating about rape and abuse. Reply Report

thor6969 -2 points1119 days ago

I disagree skank Reply Report


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