Small penis laughed at by 3 chicks

Guy gets totally humiliated by 3 chicks making fun of his small dick.

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LOL! +99 points2596 days ago

Small penis or not......he WINS!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

nata87 -3 points832 days ago

i love anal sex, guys contact me for sex Reply Report

0 points287 days ago

nata87 hey Reply Report

eh +76 points2410 days ago

thats small then im doomed Reply Report

notsomuch +67 points2583 days ago

The girl probably shouldn't be commenting on the size of his dick when she has an asshole big enough to park a car. Reply Report

normal +40 points2529 days ago

it is a normal nice penis. Reply Report

MU +38 points2508 days ago


TWD +34 points2416 days ago

Small dick or not...He fucked 3 chicks at once...He wins!!! Reply Report

haha +26 points2037 days ago

that is not small Reply Report

full +15 points2488 days ago

someone knows were I can download the full video? Reply Report

ingomat +8 points2298 days ago

Sure it's big enough to serve three sluts and nearly drown them in jizz Reply Report

harhar +8 points1483 days ago

yup a normal penis down 3 alleyways = Lucky Guy erm nah! but at least he fucked 3 idiots Reply Report
harry krishna

harry krishna +6 points2569 days ago

perfect size for bj's. make the most of your talents Reply Report
pregnancy wtf

pregnancy wtf +3 points2582 days ago

learn how to use a condom, bitch... Reply Report
anne orphan

anne orphan +2 points95 days ago

All you wankers out there must have tiny wee wee's or you woulden't be yankin yourselves and watching' Heres some good advise.Every time you beat off put 10$ in a piggy bank till you saved enough to go to bankock tialand. You can knock off a life time of women in a week or's the real thing,ladyboys are a good willing ass fuck if your into that. Reply Report

Nodick +1 points467 days ago

Fuck. Twice the size of mine lol
Reply Report

Yehsnchm +1 points837 days ago

Not too big but kind average if those girls are for real than they loose cum dump hoes Reply Report
Sick Fuck

Sick Fuck +1 points336 days ago

Yeah but it's still bigger than what you got you dumb bitches, penis envy Reply Report
lose lulu

lose lulu +1 points107 days ago

my boyfriends shaft is four times bigger then that little dicklett. I would bite that lil peter off, lick it and slide it up that loser's ass. Reply Report
anne orphan

anne orphan +1 points105 days ago

That poor losers only packin a 5 incher that's not even getting stiff. Bet he's one of thoes girl's brother that's gay. l diden't hear him complain. Reply Report
anne orphan

anne orphan +1 points98 days ago

You wankers shoulden't complain. This dude porked 3 twats but rosey palm and her 4 daughters been looking after you.Go to it wack off wonders... Reply Report
Aw man

Aw man 0 points1117 days ago

Disappointing. I was expecting an actual micropenis (under three inches) and halfway decent acting.. Reply Report

DestenySex 0 points1202 days ago

lol Reply Report
Renuka 44

Renuka 44 0 points978 days ago

you call that small? thats more than the average size of your people. Reply Report
Bendy The Ink Demon

Bendy The Ink Demon 0 points577 days ago

i'm a boy, i live in taxco. Reply Report
Bendy The Ink Demon

Bendy The Ink Demon 0 points577 days ago

jk Reply Report

freakygirl69 0 points511 days ago

he still got some tho Reply Report
freak guy L7

freak guy L7 +1 points98 days ago

freakygirl69 from freaky guy L7 look out 4 me Reply Report

Darken 0 points434 days ago

That dick is around 5", alittle thin. Those women are just size queens :P Reply Report
lil eva

lil eva 0 points117 days ago

nasty girls waisting their pussys on a dickette. Reply Report

belk 0 points363 days ago

They must be virgins, they have been reading too many Noddy books if you ask me. Reply Report

SoP 0 points158 days ago

They don’t know how long one inch is, they saying it two inches Reply Report

xgrimm13x 0 points84 days ago

Anyone wanna cut my small cock off? Reply Report
Bill Clint-cum

Bill Clint-cum 0 points80 days ago

That's the commander & chief laying their with his limp 4- inch loser. "Hey it's bigger then Pence's pathtic pecker that's what the second lady told me". DT Reply Report

Jim -1 points2136 days ago

Why is American porn so bad? Reply Report
El Duce

El Duce -1 points113 days ago

That girl getting her pussy eaten out was hot AF. Those sluts loved his dick! I just wish the vid was longer. Reply Report

doido -2 points2597 days ago

Muito louco.
Reply Report

grestek -3 points1909 days ago

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