Pornstar spits sperm

Pissed of Gina spits cumload in annoying bystander's face. LOL!

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qjdeq +1 points2665 days ago

it had to be gianna lol Reply Report

juliannasweet +1 points831 days ago

nice show Reply Report

omg 0 points2121 days ago

i donytwant to fuck with her she is dangerous she will slap also Reply Report
Dr Wan Hung Low

Dr Wan Hung Low 0 points69 days ago

The guy she spit cum on slapped her a good one on her big ass and the guy wearing the orange hoodie said "That's my girl". l read lips but l have plans to do other things with them too. Reply Report
Sick Fuck

Sick Fuck 0 points336 days ago

I would of knocked all her fucking teeth out, this is how you get std's from diseased cunts like these. Reply Report
buffalow boner

buffalow boner 0 points96 days ago

That's an old bachlor party gag.The dancers bring along a gay boy they spit the soon to be married guy's cum into this fag's mouth then bend him over and from each side spread his bare greased ass to be rammed by anyone willing. This only happens at the wealthier parties Reply Report
wankin willy

wankin willy 0 points92 days ago

Me? l would had slapped the bitch silly ! Then l'd have unleashed my throbbing monster. Stand clear l would warn all sluts there is history being made here. Oh shit l woke up with my 3 inch boner,damn mabey l can get back to dreaming. Reply Report

perensen -1 points1915 days ago

great job! Watch full videos brazzers for free - insert in youtube xxx videos unlocker Reply Report
fuck you

fuck you -2 points2198 days ago

I would have beaten the whit out of her Reply Report
fuck you

fuck you -2 points2198 days ago

I would have beaten the shit out of her Reply Report


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